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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Agnes Scott College 

141 East College Avenue 

Decatur, GA 30030 

810 Students 

Student Life 













First- Years 









(^gnG8 Scott Co^^ege: 9f(i6 QAio/t^d Jo/t QAiomen 

"Educates women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times." 

In a world that is constantly changing it is nice to know that some things remain 
constant. One thing that has not changed in over one hundred years is Agnes Scott College's 
Bell Tower. When current students look at the Main Tower, they are able to connect with all 
of the alumnae across the generations. There is much more to that; here at Agnes Scott we 
have the unique opportunity to continue traditions, many of which have been happening for 
near a century. This year's Si'/fioueffe hopes to continue in the rich tradition of story telling so 
famous in the annuals from the 1950s. We have decided to interject a few photos and stories 
from that decade to highlight some of the traditions that we cherish today and show how they 
celebrated them back in the day. One of Agne's oldest traditions is Senior Investiture which 
began in 1908 and is observed each fall. At this ceremony Seniors receive academic mortar 
boards in recognition of their standing as a Senior. However, the tradition that went along 
with this has long since become but a memory. Little Girls' Day, was celebrated each year on 
the day prior to Investiture, and all Seniors would dress up and act like little girls for one last 
day before they were expected to be the campus role models. Of course I am sure that this is 
why Investiture always happened long after Black Cat. There are few current students that 
can not talk about their favorite aspect of Black Cat. The tradition started in 1 91 5 by Dr. 
Sweet, the professor of hygiene, in order to curtail the hazing committed by the Sophomores 
on the First-Years. When the tradition began it was only between the Sophomores and First- 
Years, and at the end of a week of following the Sophomores' rules, the two classes would 
put on a stunt, or skit. It was not until the late 1 940s that Black Cat morphed into something 
we would recognize today, and it would not be until much later for one of the favorite 
aspects. Junior Production. However, there was very active competition between the classes 
in the sports of basketball, field hockey, and archery. While the events themselves may have 
changed over time the concept remained and the time honored tradition continues to welcome 
First-Years to Agnes Scott and make them a part of the college. Of course one of the most 
favorite traditions is the ring ceremony. Students who have Sophomore standing are eligible 
to receive their rings during Sophomore Family Weekend in February. The rectangular black 
onyx ring with "ASC" inscribed on its top holds a special place in most Scotties' hearts. It is a 
tangible connection to all other alumnae across the generations. While the formal ceremony 
itself is relatively new, the ring was introduced in the 1920s and has remained virtually 
unchanged. Along with these remaining traditions Agnes has said goodbye to a few from the 
fifties. May Day and its court and play are gone, the Senior Opera, and the Si/fioueffe 
Beauties (if you have never heard of that one take a study break in the library and check out 
some of the older annuals). We are not suggesting bringing them back; it is good to know 
that Agnes Scott changes with the times. However, as we change with the times it is a comfort 
to know that the students of the class of 1 906 decided that it was important to have student 
government, and that they signed the same honor pledge that we all did as First-Years during 
that Orientation weekend. On that note the Silhouette Staff of 2008-2009 presents to the 
campus Now ... and Then. 

QAie^come ®ome Scotttes 

Orientation gives First-Year Students tlie chance to prepare Agnes Scott Residence Halls to be their homes. 

So, you have decided to attend Agnes Scott. 
Congratulations and welcome to your new home. 
First, remember to go by the parking deck and pick 

up your keys and shirt. Then be sure to get all of 

your things out the car. This is not 1 950 when you 

would have come with just one or two bags. Don't 

worry there will be lots of people around to help out. 

Then remember to meet your RA and hallmates. 

After that it is off to the Honor Pledge signing, Agnes 

Scott's oldest tradition. Everyone will be lining up 

outside so don't be late. If you follow a bagpiper 

you can't go wrong can you? So you will sign the 

parchments that will be hung later in Buttrick. The 

administration will welcome you and tell you why the 

Honor Code is so important to Agnes Scott. Then 

there is some time for you to meet new people and 

just relax. Maybe you will get to meet President Kiss 

or discover who plays Agnes Irvine (the Scottie dog). 

Don't forget that the next day will be busy too. 

Atlanta Challenge will be here to do some team 

building and then you and your ASC 1 01 group will 

be heading out to different places in Atlanta. All of 

the activities will be wrapped up with a worship on 

Sunday. So, if you enjoyed yourself be sure to thank 

one of the members of the Orientation Council when 

you see them. 



movie ticket = $9 

gallon of gas = $4 

average cost of a new house 

average cost of a new car = 

The gazebo is no longer on office, but 
o place to relax on the Quad. 

The new Julia Thompson Smith Chapel completed 
Spring 2008. 


Agnes Scott has changed in the past fifty years. New buildings have been built, we have a new 
president, and the diversity of the student body has increased. Our enrollment has increased, and 
boys are allowed in the dorms. But some things have not changed. We are still a women's college 
dedicated to educating the future leaders of America. Agnes still remains a highly respected 
institution that sends women in to the world ready for success. In following with the traditions of 
annuals from the 1950s, the photos of the campus are presented here for future generations to imagine 
what Agnes Scott looked like "back in the day." So, here's to another fifty years. May we grow and 
continue to progress while still remembering where we came from. 

ASC students in the 1950 

The Woodruff Quad in the 1 950's. Buttrick Holl and McCain library featured. 

Another view of the Woodruff 
Quod facing Rebekah Scott Hall. 

The Gazebo, then known as the round house, 
was used as an office. 


going out to the movies = dime or 

a gallon of gas = 18 cents 

Average cost of a new house = 

Average cost of a new car = $1 ,510 

md g^fiOl 

Black Cat is the one week each year that Agnes 
Scott looks like a tornado of yellow, red, green, 
and blue has hit it. This year the Gold Diggers '09 
decorated with a miners theme, the Phoenixes '10 
created the Phoenix City, the Amazons '1 1 played 
monopoly, and the Buccaneers '12 decorated with 
their color of blue as is traditional for the First- 
Years. While our themes may be very different 
from that of the fifties the fervor for the week was 
much the same. 

Party days are a time for each class to throw a 
party at dinner for the other classes. This year 
the Gold Diggers "09 hosted Mardi Gras, the 
Phoenixes '10 invited us to party downtown, the 
Amazons '1 1 hosted a RockBand party in the 
jungle, and the Buccaneers '12 invited us aboard 
to sail the seven seas. These parties are scored 
by the number of people who stay at dinner, 
your activities, and the decorations. 


Tr/V/a Night and Field Day 

The Senio, ^.^^^ ... .w. 
up for their last cheer 
off competition. 

The First- Year class takes 
on the Seniors in the Black 
Cat tradition of field hockey. 

The Junior class 
participates in the cheer off 

me gold 
Jigging Senior 
class of 2009 
pose for their 
final Black Cat 
''Bonfire night. 






Sophomore class of 201 1 

Scotties across the years 
having fun after bonfire. 

Pestle Board 

First-Year Class Of 2012 

it ^mloti ^tiodadiOh it 

lue - Class of 201 2, tKe Blue Buccaneers, did o remorkal 
job as they made (heir Junior Produclion debut. 

I the Past - A Scottie and her 
date set out for a romantic night on thi 
town just prior to Black Cat Formal. 

[Tying into ihe, "A League of Tlieir Ovyn" 
[theme Hawlessiy with a ma|eslic vista of the 
Atlanta Braves' ploying field, the location o( 
this year's Black Cat Formal, Turner Field 
Stadium's 755 Club, was nothing shoii of 
spectacular. First-Year student, Efeni Urbom 
said, "If I had to use one word to describe 
[Black Cat], I would choose, 'glamorous'," 
noting the attire of the attendees ranging 
from dark, debonair tuxedos to elegont 
jewel-toned dresses. Along with the 
sophisticated attendees, this year's soiree 
included appetizing cuisine, consisting of 
miniature egg rolls and tiramisu, gorgeous 
bouquet assortments, as well as wide-ranging 
music selections, forming a lively yet relaxed 
ambiance throughout the night. (/i 


off their pearly whites behind the Atlanta Braves' 
baseball field. 


Triple Trouble - While enjoying the 

and Layne Johnson take a moment to 
smile at the camera. 

> Better Than One - Holly Nelson and 

Caitlin Shull, and Lori Finklea stand behind, 44, the 

legendary uniform number of all-time best Braves 

baseball player. Hank A — -- 



ilena Williams and Letii 


van Duursen and Morgan 
Smith show off their - ' 
just before Block Cat Fori 

and at Turner Field during this year's Black Cat 
dl, held at the 755 Club. 

Left: Out Into the Real World - Senior Investiture fifty yeors ago. 
Above: A Senior Smile - invested Seniors strike a pose for the 


Below: Who Will You Become? Dean Lee is charging the Seniors 
to reflect on who they have become in their Agnes Scott years 
and what they want to do after graduation. 

Senior Investiture is a tradition that dates back decades and decades at Agnes Scott College. It 
originated hundreds of years ago in English universities, but has since then become one of the college's 
most cherished traditions. Even/ fall seniors gather in their newly received caps and gowns and practice 
for their departure into the "real world", only months away. During the ceremony, they are capped with 
their academic mortar boards as a symbol of their status. Senior investiture is concluded with a 
celebratory family dinner and a worship on Sunday morning. 

Left: Use Your Monkeybrain! Dr. Hackett encourages the class of 2009 to meditate in her 

Investiture address. 

Below: Well On Their Way ■ Seniors walking to their Investiture. 


Right: Be Still Our Guiding 


Light -Presser Hall has 


witnessed many investitures 


and performances of "God 


of the Marching Centuries." 


Below: Leading The Way - 

professors process for 

investiture before seniors. 

Left: Kodak Moments - Seniors 
Jean Panek and Ashley 
Mengwosser celebrate their 
Investiture with family. 
Right: A Scottie Family - 
President Kiss congratulates 
Laura Shaver and Jackie 

Below: A Prelude For Many 
to Come - Senior Investiture 
fifty years ago. 


^tie ^ixllla 'STfiompson Qmlik Ckapd 

The chapel is named in honor of the late Julia Thompson Smith '31, 

wife of the late Hal Smith, a generous donor and long-time chair of 

the college's Board of Trustees. Whether one subscribes to a religion 

or not, the Julia Thompson Smith Chapel is most certainly a unique 

place for worship and meditation. Tucked away amidst the hustle 

and bustle of everyday student life, the chapel's unique design and 

purpose invites the busiest of us to rest, think and meditate. One of 

the highlights of the new chapel is its simple, non-denominational 

design. Those of all faiths and beliefs are invited to meet and 

interact. Above all else, inter-faith practices are supported and 

encouraged. Along with the inauguration of the Julia Smith Chapel, 

the brand new Agnes Scott Believes progmm has begun and is held 

each Friday at 10am in this space. This program is based on the 

NPR show titled "This I Believe." Each week one faculty or staff 

member and one student share their beliefs with the community. 


ivery college campus has a jewel. The Julia Thompson Smith Chapel is ours: 

"he problem to be faced is: how to combine loyalty to one's own tradition with 

reverence for different traditions. 

-Abraham Joshua Hesche 

^i * 

^i*-^ 'V -r ■ : 


^m Michele Kitan W 

- n 




s y 



So Did You Know? 

before the Julia Thompson Smith Chapel, Agnes Scott never had a free 

standing chapel. In fact, the gazebo once functioned as the school's 

chapel, as did Gaines Chapel of course. 

(Aqm^ Scott QAie&omGS 

^ean ^onn 

While Dean Lee had only b 
here for a short time when the 
semester began, it felt as if she 

had been a part of the Agnes Scott community for years. Dean Lee came to 
Agnes Scott from Rollins College, also a liberal arts college, where she served as 
the Dean of Student Affairs. When I sat down with Dean Lee, she said that one 
of the reasons she was drawn to Agnes Scott was that she was impressed by the 
women here and the way they express themselves... not to mention the grass that 
drew many a Scottie to come here. Women at Agnes Scott, both today and 
throughout history, have been willing to share their opinions with others, 
making sure that their voices are heard by both the Agnes Scott community and the larger 
community. Dean Lee mentioned that women are known to face injustice and inequality that they 
see in the world and that women at Agnes Scott are on the forefront of that change. Dean Lee also 
spoke to the community that we have here at Agnes Scott saying that there was "a sense of 
connection, spirit, and pride" in our school. I asked Dean Lee what she felt was the most important 
aspect of being a dean and she said that it was reaching out and making connections with students. 
When Dean Lee held up the Black Kitty at bonfire, it seemed that her connection to the Agnes Scott 
community grew even deeper. Her appearance at bonfire reinforced her belief that students are 
whole beings who work hard in the classroom but also need to have time to play and grow outside of 
the classroom. It has become clear that Dean Lee will be with Agnes Scott for many years to come 
and will add a part of who she is to the traditions that all Scotties love and cherish. It has been a 
pleasure to welcome Dean Lee and her family to the campus and have the opportunity to sit down 
and not only talk to her but make a connection with her. I would suggest that every Scottie take the 
time to form a relationship with our new dean. — Sarah Kalaris '09 



Student Senate 

Above: The 2008 Student Senate 
Left: The 2008 Student Senate Executive Board 
Below: Student Senate President 2008 Roci'o Rodriguez 
and Student Senate President 2009 Lucia Hulsether 

The primary role of Student Senators is to act as activists on behalf of the 
student body. Subsequent roles include: being informed of the needs and 
interests of the Student body, College, and community, and undertaking 
projects which serve these interests. They do this while working on eight 
committees that are dedicated to the following practices: adopt and amend 
bylaws, act as liaisons for departments on campus, approve constitutions of 
new organizations, maintenance of the ASCSGA constitution, and the Student 
Development Fund. 

Senators in 2008 

Rocio Rodriguez- President 

Leah Richier- Vice-President 

Lucia Hulsether- Treasurer 

Amber Sims- Parliamentarian 

April Garrett- Secretary 

Jillian A. Wells 

Meghan Ryan 

Rachel A. Bunker 

Precious Acker 

Qian Zhang 

Elizabeth Gustoson-Berkstresser 

Onyinye Edeh 

Mia Mclnnis 

Inetha Shorter 

Hannah Alley 

Holly Nelson 

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Palleson 

Abnia Lorinston 

Jasmine D. Lewis 

Stefanie Donham 

Lauren Slipek 

Dagny Asase 

Senators in 2009 

Lucia Hulsether- President 

Onyinye Edeh- Vice-President 

Meghan Ryan- Secretary 

Inetha Shorter- Treasurer 

Mia Mclnnis 

Candace Kwakye 

Jillian Pilch 

Jenny Millkey 

Liang Huang 

Nadrat Nuhu 

Alex Brewer 

Elizabeth Gustoson-Berkstresser 

Stacy-Ann Love 

Senam Apaloo 

Khaliliah Smith 

Holly Nelson 

Gelila Lulseged 

Darah Tabrum 

Dagny Asase 

Abnia Loriston 

^^^ ^adicimd ^oa/id ^'^ 

Tuesdays @ 6:00pm in the Honor Room 

Brittany Manning 

Back Row: (L-R) Rebecca Deutsii 

(Secretary), Lauren Albin (2012), 

Layne Johnson(201 1 ), 

Jia Yu(Treasurer), Brittany iVIanning, 

Enkeshi Thom (2009) 

Front Row: (L-R) Kelley Bledsoe 

(2009), Precious Acker (201 1), 

Kaitlyn McCune (2012), Carieta Jones 


Vice President 
Capriciiia Jeffers 

For all of you that don't know... now you know! Judicial Board is the secret 
service of Agnes Scott. Keeping tabs on students isn't easy, but someone has 
to do it. It's insane how cheerfully they do their jobs though. Plus, they're 
more closely linked to Honor Court than most of us would like, 

COMING SOON: (FALL 2009) Honor Emphasis Week 


Breana Jones 
Class of 2010 

Skylar Washington 
Class of 2010 
Vice President 

Like a 'secret society' 
they only meet when 
they must. In times when 
the Honor Code is in 
danger and fear is 
rampant. They rescue us 
all, from certain demise. 
Okay, not so much 
rescue, but still, fear and 
respect is crucial to their 
role in our Honor 




^fe' Sarah Bowen 
Class of 2011 


Class of 2012 

Bhumika Patel 
Class of 201 2 

This organization is fundamental to the Honor System at Agnes 
Scott and plays a crucial role in the freedom of self-governance. 
It is also that invisible yardstick for 'Scottie Honor.' 

COMING SOON: (FALL 2009) Honor Emphasis Week 



"I love being a part of SEC because it gives me an opportunity to 
share hm much I love Agnes Scott!" 
-Bhumika Potel 

"The most rew/arding aspect of SEC is coming back after the summer and 
seeing your prospectives as the new/est additions to the Scottie family." 
-Stephanie Mishaw, SEC President 

"I joined SEC because I wanted to meet potential students. 
Each incoming class has a personality and I get to see that." 
-Keelin Cox 

Student Q\)mi Co/ip 

"QAifie/t6 Scottie 9Jogj3ita^ity ^egingC 

SEC viforks hond-in-hand with the Office of Admission to recruit new students. Their two-part mission? They host prospective students during overnight 
visits and help in all aspects of admission events on campus. These fun student recruiters ore warm, welcoming, and create a great experience for 
potential Scotties! 

Sec Members: Nikki Back, Sarah Bowen, Jordan Casteel, Bethany Coulter, Keelin Cox, Indira Cruz, Kelly Domino, Caitlynn Donovan, Onyinye Edeh, Melissa 
Garwick, Tricia Jackson, Lisa Jackson, Leah Kuenzi, Ariel Laws, Kristina LaMothe, Rennie Laryea, Abina Loriston, Susono Martinez, Stephanie Mishaw, Jessica 
Moriarty, Presence ONeal, Lizzie Palleson, Bhumika Patei, Jeanine Pounds,Ruth Reveal, Kalyn Riggs, Allison Rogers, Emily Summers-Perez, Katie Tompson, Hilary 
Tobiaz, Anna Tucker, Amber Turner, Caitlin Walker, Alisha Watts, and Kamille Wilson 21 


1 &^**^'...^l 


x^'M you/i pabe/i wlik 



lil' 'El 

... tke hmaikinq^ o{ uou/i (lea/it -^'Mlam ^okd^wokik 

Editorial Board '08-09: 

Tiffany Claiborne 
Editor-in-Chief, Fall 

Dara Satterfield 
Editor-in-Chief, Spring 



*•?•■'' 1 ' .. 




^ ^^^^^^^a 

Dana Ciccotello 
Managing Editor 

Justine Schwartz 
News Editor, Fall 

Jessi Probus 
Layout Editor 

Kelley Bledsoe 
News Editor, Spring 

Elisa Wong Nazish Mithaiwala 

News Editor, Spring Assistant News Editor 

Leda Sox 
Photo Editor, Fall 

Gida Hammomi 
Opinions Editor 

Jillian Pilch 
Photo Editor, Spring 

Rachoel Jenkins 
Features Editor, Spring 

Kelsey Clodfelter Tobi St. Germain 
Sports Editor, Spring Assistant Editor, Spring 

Alison Bowden 
Business Manager 

Inetha Shorter 

Assistant Business 



Una Alford Mallory Nelson 

Sigi Choi Charise Richards 

Kelsey Clodfelter Rebecca Rowe 
Rebecca Cubells Jennifer Sefa-Boakye 

Alice Ferron Zijia Sun 

Maggie Lenarz Christen Thompson 
Ashley Mengwasser Jessica Wocks 
Nazish Mithaiwala Kate Whitney 


Mary Kate Laird 

Lauren Kenny 
Caitlin Suilmonn 


Ayla Hutcheson 


Lisa Mieike 
Sydney Tonsfeldt 
Catherine Vomer 


Erin Howie 


Silhouette Staff: 

Sarah Kalaris (editor 

Dani Adamson 

Brittani Banks 

Tara Brinkman (assistant editor 

Jessica Dupree 

Stacey-Ann Love 

Caitlin Walker (business editor 

Pauline Worusski (assistant editor 

^ pv /'^^H.''^ 





Aurora is the Agnes Scott literary magazine. The 

magazine is published once a year and includes 

student poetry, prose, and artwork. In the past, 

the magazine has also considered publishing 

musical compositions. 

Senior Editor: 

Fall - Leda Sox 

Spring - Elaine Koutroulias 

Junior Editor: 
Jennifer Sefa-Boakye 

Layout Editor: 
Callan Wells 

Art Editors: 

Rachael Cross 

Christen Thompson 

Elisa Wong 

Aurora Staff: 

Kristen Linscott 

Stacey Love 

Madelynn Martiniere 

Savannah Sharp 



ASCtv is the student- 


run TV station on 

campus. Tune into 
channel 19 every 
Friday for student- 



3nMmiiom(l Studente (^ssociatton 

Mortar Board is a national senior lionor society comprised of more than 150 
chapters. The purposes of Mortar Board are "to provide for cooperation among [the 
Mortar Board] societies, to support the ideals of the college, to advance the spirit of 
scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership and to provide the opportunity 
for a meaningful exchange of ideas as individuals and as a group." 

Members are elected from the junior class on the basis of three ideals: service, 
scholarship and leadership. Membership in Mortar Board is an honor that carries 
responsibility for these ideals. 


Tara Brinkman, Leah Richier, Racliel 

Castleberry, Shea Hunter, Esther Kaplan, 

Ashley Mengwasser, Laura Van Duursen, 

Rocio Rodriguez, Kali Bertelsen, Minda 

Anderson, Stephanie Hansard, Erica Gilbert- 

Wason, Jasmine Terry, Bria Washington, 

Sujin Headrick, Fazila Aseem, Dona Wroble, 

Dana Ciccotello, Elizabeth Wilson, Shannon 

Reisner, Jennifer Tuggle, Pauline Worusski, 

SIgi Choi, Brittney Little. 



u4i/itcan md QAiest Indian Qiadmt Jlgsociation 

Strike A Pose - Alyssa DeGazon and Gelila Lulseged 

model their lavish tops prior to the exciting Carnival 


Strutting Their Stuff - AWISA members take time to pose 

for the camera during the Carnival celebration in their 

colorfully elaborate outfits. 

Designed to make the Agnes Scott community more appreciative and aware of African as well as West Indian cultures and people, 
AWISA ecourages not only those of African or Caribbean descent but all students who interested in these cultures to join the student 


r^S^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^L 

Pride ■ (From left to right) Darrylann Lenoard, Alyssa 

DeGazon, Gelila Lulseged, Charise Richards, and 

Andrene Foster represent their countries by displaying 

their national flags. 

A Fresh Start - (from left to right, clockwise) Danielle 
Patton, Shaa'ista Sobir, Onyinye Edeh, Enkeshi Thorn, 
Tawana Nicholas, Jessica Medlock, Alexandria Farrell, 

Altheo Gunther, Kholiliah Smith, Cecilia Acala, and 
Keelin Cox take a picture in their lovely formal attire. 

I '^y'h.f-i,:), ■ 





Making a Change - A 

number of Scotties 

were enthusiastic to 

participate in 2008's 

AIDS Walk. 




Barack N' Rod - 

Kristen Davis sports 

her Obama shirt 

during the 2008 

Presidential Election. 


Teamwork Makes 

the Dreamwork - 

Kijua Sanders- 

McMurtry and 


Quinichett are all 

smiles for the 

Forty like Jt's 7989- 
Alexandria Okon 

and Jordan Costeel 
have fun in their 

neon bright outfits 
during this year's 

80's vs. 90's Party. 

Kis-Swohili for "Sisterhood," Witkoze works as support group for all students within the African Diaspora. The organization's objectives are to encourage a 

[diverse community in which African-Diasporic students are able to achieve academic excellence and believe that their Afro-centric needs are acknowledged and | 

appreciated. The members of Witkaze seek to advance the consciousness of African, African-American and West Indian culture, success, contributions and 

history not only within the Agnes Scott community, but the community as a whole. 

<?*G8tfe '^oahd 



Marquia Greenage, Slgi Choi, Krystle Kabare, Pauline Worusski, Erica Stafford, Kristen Davis, 
Delia Steverson, Leah Anderson (VP), Rachel Wacks, Tara Brinkman, Rachel Castleberry (VP), 
Casey McCarthy, Tiffany Brewer (VP), Kali Bertelsen, Shawna T. Boyd, Lauren Beacham, 
Jacqueline Marenick, Marie Rush, Kelsey Quillen, Melinda Haney, Tiffany Claiborne, 
Kimberly Watt, Liv Zodorozny, Jade Hershberger (Grand Poobah/President), Allison Bowden, 
Shannon Reisner, Michelle Timmins, Natalie Bryant, Britian Ota, MimiLee Curtis, Kendall 
Metz, Minda Anderson, Nikki McCarron, Arielle Newgard, Simon Taft, Molly Roza, 


Sigma J^dpka 3oia 

Sigma Alpha Iota has been busy 

this year! Besides welcoming 

many new sisters, they put on 

their second annual charity ball 

and raised money for a music 

scholarship for an Agnes Scott 

student. In the spring, the 

chapter was involved in the 

musical program Connect at 

Drew Charter School. 

Diana Shull ('11) poses with SAI alum 

Juliette Hawk after having received the 

SAI Atlanta Alumnae Scholarship. 

SAI alum Arolue reads a dedication 

for two alumnae who knew our 

original founders. 

2008-2009 sisters: Emily Moore, Ruth Reveal, Christy Weeks, Bethany Coulter, Diana Shull, 

Mia Jacintho, Michelle Stokes, Kate Hodman, Emily Frantz, Donna Wroble, Beth Brounstein, 

Kissa Mercodo, and Pauline Worusski. 


(AQ^C Commantty ©/ictiest/ta I 






-^ ■«,■ 


> - 









fy ;,: 






▼ A 





/A ^^'-^ 



/ /--^"^ 





.^i _v 

" .'--^ 

JkQC St/itfigs Snsembfe 

Agnes Scott's Strings Ensemble is a small group of dedicated 

string student players under the direction of Dr. Solomon. Thiey 

meet to learn a rigorous and cfiallenging program to be 

presented in a recital at the end of every semester. The ensemble 

is also often hired to perform at collegiate functions such as 

trustees dinners and events for prospective students. 



Co^^egtate Ckotiak ^ 


Sotto <^oce 

Sotto Voce members 

Anna Young, Laurc 

Baker, Annalise Ford 

Kimberly Brewer, Kissc 

Mercado, Ruth Reveal 

and Liz Hartnetl 

Honorary member: Jilh 

Eskew Sparks (below). 


Luchsingers a Cappella is the first and only student-led a cappella group on the Agnes Scott 
campus. Among them are thirteen young women hailing from all over the country. They have 
a variety of training backgrounds but find their common ground around the piano in the 
Alston campus center Luchsinger lounge. Together they perform frequently at a wide variety 
of on campus and off campus events. 


(AQC 9Jowng ^emoc/iats 

Ally Niemiec and 
Jessica Wacks 


Callsta Ross 

Vote Democrat, 



you're saving-' 

Alison Etheridge 

The purpose of Agnes Scott 

College Young Democrats Is 

to promote a progressive 

solidarity on the ASC 

campus. As the ASCYDs, we 

seek to promote Democratic 

ideals on campus and 

beyond, while also 

empowering our members to 

discuss, engage and 

advocate for their own 

personal values. 

Exec. Board Listing for 2008: 

Rachel Wacks: President 

Alison Etheridge: Executive VP 

Katherine Dehart: VP of 


Calista Ross: VP of Finance 

Exec. Board Listing for 2009: 

Calista Ross: President 

Jessica Wacks: Executive VP 

Ally Niemiec: VP of 


Anna Marie Dillard: VP of Finance 

Rachel Wacks 

Anna Marie 


^ei/oCution C^ab 

Revolution Club hosts monthly presentations and discussions 
on a variety of topics, supports resistance of all forms of 

exploitation and oppression, and is struggling for the 

emancipation of all of humanity. We welcome all views, 

opinions, and questions, and call on all dreamers and fighters. 

A better world is possible! 

For more information or upcoming events, e-mail 


iAQC SPtbe/ita/itans 

Rose Psalmond (President) 

Gina Luttrell 

(President Pro Tempore) 

Alanna Cougliran (Treasurer) 

Patricia Jolnnson (Secretary) 

Jessica Stone, Arielle Newgard, 

Liz Kline, Mimi-Lee Curtis, 

Hayley IVIaxwell, Dianna Allen, 

Carroll McWhorter, 

Joanna Hair, Megan Mills, 

Rachel Castleberry, 

Haviland Forrister, 

Kelley Lockman, Kate Bennett, 

Fatimah Nadimi, Mia Mclnnis, 

Emi Watanabe, Alyssa Stafford, 

Anna Tucker, Taylor Prescott, 

Annalee Craigmile, 

Sandra Shirk, Meghan Spencer, 

Emily Thrower, Kaitlyn Lyies, 

Caitlynn Donnovan, Sierra Ray, 

Christy Cotter, and 

Joycelia Lewis. 

! 36 

"Socially Free, Financially Responsible" 




^' . 

1 ^ 


.,. '. i„.... i 

^ 1 

J f^l/ 

1 ^£k. 





^^ii^ ^"^ 



Affinity is the Agnes Scott 
College campus 
organization dedicated to 
providing a safe and 
supportive space for 
LGBTQIQ, identified and 
unidentified, people of 
color as well as 
advocating for the 
freedom of sexual and 
gender expression. 

(Amnesty 3htQ.khatlonall 

Amnesty International is an independent, 

worldwide movement working 

impartially for the release of prisoners of 

conscience those people detained because 

of their beliefs, race, sex, ethnic origin, 

language or religion who have neither 

used nor advocated violence; fair and 

prompt trials for all political prisoners; 

and an end to torture and execution in all 

cases. Amnesty International is 

independent of any political, ideological 

or religious affiliations and is funded by 

donations from its members and 

supporters around the world. 

"In a gentle way, you 
can shake the world. " 
--Mohandas Gandhi 


Danielle Adamson, Dagny Asase, Christine Baker, Jakevia Brown, Rebecca Cubells, Althea Gunther, 

Elizabeth Gustoson-Berkstresser, Kristen Fox, Maggie Lenarz, Andrea-Paola Martinez, Nadrot Nuhu, 

Sarah Mecholsky, Kris Phelps, and Julio St. Goor 


^tii^osopfiy Chb 


Haviland Forrister 
[Secretary] and 
Gina Luttrell 
[Vice President] 

Jessica Moriarty 
:z~^^ [President], and 
i^RlWi Chassity Pritchet 


This new and innovative club on campus has an amazing agenda selected for this year and years 
to come. The Philosophy Club combines all areas of interest at the school into events that everyone 
can enjoy and get intellectual enjoyment out of. 
This year we've worked hard to create the club around ideas that will appeal to a large range of 
people that will help to join them together where otherwise they would be limited to specialized clubs. 

We have ideas that include going on excursions into Atlanta that would include the Georgia 
Aquarium where we can discuss the ethical issue of keeping animals in captivity for entertainment. 
We also have movie nights that are held every month or we just get together to have a game night. 

Hal Thorsrud (faculty advisor) 

Christine Baker & Melinda Haney 


Members: Jessica Moriarty (President and co-founder), Judi Huck, Erica Michelle, Rachel 

Klaeren, Courtney Ferrebee, Chassity Pritchett, Hayley Maxwell, Julia St. Goar, Jia Yu, Chan Jin, 

Ashley Ash, Bobbi Lynch, Inetha Shorter, Shama Panjwani, Dani Adamson, Virginia Luttrell, 

Rachel Burger, Kristen Fox, Meg Beyer, Harald Thorsrud (co-founder), Adrien Veteau, Kaitlyn 

Klein, Havalyn Raeuber, Aniceta Williams, Madiha Aseem, Phoenix Fox, Christine Baker, Natalie 

Stadnick, Taran Lundgren, Haley Russell, Haviland Forrister, Rose Psalmond, Xun Qiu, Amanda 

Scammell, Caroline Croland, Rahela Bogdan, Melinda Haney. 


Blackfriars holds the disHncHon of being the oldest theatre company in Atlanta. How cool is that! This 
school year has been both an exciting and refreshing season. Blackfriars, the student theater troupe, 
was founded in 1915 under the direction of Frances S. Gooch, and as before mentioned claims the 
distinction of being the oldest producing theater in Atlanta, as well as the oldest organization on 
campus. Working in close cooperation with the theater faculty of the department of theater and 
dance, Blackfriars offers students the opportunity to participate in all aspects of production, from 
performance to technical theater. Blackfriars presents a major production each semester, as well as a 
production for children and a collection of student-generated productions. 

cAfoi/eC Scotttes 

Novel Scotties is the 
campus book club that 
meets once a month to 
discuss a book. 

Left: Club members (left 
to right) Caity Walker, 
Elanse Chen, Jessica 
Newby, Nikki Back, 
Andrea Goodman, 
Rachael Jenkins, and 
Caitlin Shull. 

Not pictured: Kayla 
Miller and Nina Loreto 

Jkmo^kicm Cfiemica^ Society 

Leaders in attracting, developing and promoting women in the chemical sciences. 




■ ^--^^^^~ 1 




i . Jl 
' . i 




M{(i^V^ ]a^B ^^^^M^a^^^^^l 

1 1 






Diana Grunenfelder, Elizabeth Butterworth, Elizabeth Wilson, Hannah Peters, Ivy 

Fitzgerald, Shannon Reisner, Valentina Dimitrova, Melissa Winter, Taran Lundgren, 

Rachel Evans, Emi Watanabe, Ruoxi Zeng, Jaynie Gaskin, Sheneve Butler, Raina Brooks, 

Sarah Beth Himic, Laura Marsee. 

Society 0^ ^fiygtcs Stadente 

Their purpose: the advancement and diffusion of l<nowledge of the 

science of physics and the encouragement of student interest in physics 

throughout the academic and local communities. 

Their Activities: 

1. Movie nights in the Planetarium. 

2. Camping trips to look at the stars 

3. Skydiving. 

Members Pictured include: 

Lane Hall, Rachel Klaeren, 
Hannah Marlowe, Jenny Tuggle, 
Crystal Keddie-Hill, Arielle 
Newgard, Jennie Ryu, Haviland 
Forrister, Melissa Meister, and 
Allison Smith. 


Cikde "ex 

Christine Baker, Jessica Newby, 
Sheneve Butler, Cheryl Smith, 
Andrea Goodman, Kris Phelps, 
Rachael Jenkins, Brittany Bromfield, 
Najla Waleed, Sarah Bowen, 
Raina Brooks, Bethany Coulter, 
Kelsey Quillen 




Club officers 

Erica Stafford, 

Marie Rush, 

and Beth 


Club members (from back row; left to right): 
Kate Bennett, Erica Cooper, Rophoelia Wallace, 
Kelsey Hensler, Meghan Spencer, Rebecca 
Johnson, Leah Kotlarchyk, Chantal Miller, Lisa 
Mieike, Victoria Belarde, and Sierra Ray 

^ ^eu/tgfi Student c^ggoctation ^ 

Funny Money - Amanda Chaffin happily 
tosses her gold coins in the air. 




Fun for Everyone • Joanna Hair, Lori 
Say Cheese (Front, Right to Left, Clockwise) - Andrea Goodman, Finklea, and Diana Shull enjoy the 
Melissa Griffith, Leah Kotlarchyk, Dr. Lewin, Dominique Smith, festivities at this years Honukah 
Lori Finklea, Rebecca Deutsch, and Andrea Goodman show off celebration. 

their pearly whites. V W V V V T T 

I« • ■ a a a 
■ ■■■■■ 

Good Company, Good Friends, Good 

Times - Rebecca Deutsch participates in a 

game with her friend, Rachael 


Executive Board Members 

g^ Lorraine (Lori) Finklea, Melissa Griffith, and Monica Spitzer '-, 

Generol Members 

Avigail Bocharach, Sarah Boim, Rachel Burger, Elizabeth Braunstein, Rebecca Deutsch, Jaynie L 
Gaskin, Andrea Goodman. Rl^MfaiBrtta^BBUe Smith, Jessica Wacks, and Rachel Wocks 


"f- 'baptist CoUkqiate cyUmist/iy -f- 

lock On - Stacey-Ann Love, Onyinye Edeh, 

and Caprichia Jeffers have fun while 
showing off their amazing musical talents. 

rrick or Treat - Sarah Bowen, Melissa King, 

Stephanie Hansard, Minda Anderson, and 

Colin Vinson pose for the camera in their 

creative Halloween costumes. 

"As the deer pants for 

streams of water, so my soul 

pants for you, O God. " 

Psalm 42:1 

Stephanie Hansard, Minda Anderson, 

Catherine Varner, Sdrah Bowen, Colin Vinson, 

and Melissa King have tons of fun during 

Baptist Collegiate Ministry's Game Night. 

A(/ Smites - Caprichia Jeffers, Minda Anderson, 

Onyinye Edeh, Janet Speer, and Sarah Bowen 

enjoy this year's Confluence Conference. 


"^Senam Apaloo, Minda Anderson, Michelle Bach, Sarah 
Bowen, Onyinye Edeh, Stephanie Hansard, Caprichia 

Jeffers, Lisa Jackson, Kristina LaMothe, Stacey-Ann Love, 
Erin Lemons, Joyceiio Lewis, Melissa King, Sarah Penn, 
inetha Shorter, Kelsey Smith, Unchantria Smith, Sydney 

r Tonsfeldt, Ada Trowick, and Catherine Varner 


t cjKeu; ^ t 

Leaps of faith - Pauline Worusski, Bria Washington, Lauren Higher and Higher - Brio Washington works 
Potter, and Anna Tucker jump for joy on a nature trail. on her ciimbing skiHs during a retreat 

Twice as Nice - Elizabeth 

Paileson and Kelley Bledsoe 

converse with one another. 

Pointing Fingers - NewLifers and friends pose on the peak of a nearby mountain. 

Two's Company, 

Three's a 

Crowd,... Seven's 

a Party (Front, 

Left to Right, 

Clockwise) - 


Paileson, Lauren 

Potter, Allison 

Carter, Anna 

Tucker, Brio 


Pauline Worusski, 

and Laura Barrs 

ore all smiles 

hanging out. 

Good Morningf - Laura Barrs, Kelly Bledso' 

Pauline Worusski and Lauren Potter flash 

smile the first morning of Fall Getaway 


Good Stuff -Laura Barrs and Madiha Aseem enjoy some 
coffee and photography during Coffeehouse 

Cdhlbbmn Qiadmt c^gsoctatton 

It's not just about being from the Caribbean, it's about loving anything and 

everything the Caribbean has to offer. There is a growing number of students 

involved in building and raising awareness of Caribbean culture on campus, and 

they are all working towards bringing all that is unique about the Caribbean, to 

the forefront and to the multicultural table. 


© 9P 

Q Jk 3 J^ 




Shelley Barber 
Victoria Belarde 

Dru Clark 

Christy Cotter 

Caroline Crowland 

Morgan Daniel 

Kyra Davis 

Emily Dykstra 

Haviland Forrister 

Jade Hershberger 

Emily Hayes 

Katie Huffner 

Shea Hunter 

Stefanie Kahn 

Jackie Marenick 

Hayley Maxwell 

Meagan Rottersman 

Elizabeth Schob 

Eowyn-Rose Sinclair 

Meghan Spencer 

Alisha Watts 

Sara Williford 


Precious Acker 



Gianna Barnett 

Jessica Dupree 



Darrylann Lenoard 

Beverly McCall 
First Year 


QJk'^Q QAiomen 

SAFE Women strives to educate 

women about health issues. Club 

members plan and organize a 

variety of health education 

programs throughout the year. 

Some of these programs include 

Semester Stress Busters, Breast 

Cancer Education, Alcohol 

Awareness, The Sextravaganza 

and the Great American 



iien you go away to college, you look for a new place to call your home away from home. Residence Life's goal is to support student growth and build 
nmunity within the residence halls. 

e mission of Residence Life is to provide a safe environment that promotes the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and cultural growth of the individual student 
ile encouraging social and physical activity within the residence halls and campus-wide community. 

addition, Residence Life serves as a liaison between other administrative offices, organizations and resident students. 

3 different housing facilities include: Avery Glen Apartments, Hopkins Hall, Inman Hall, Agnes Scott "Main" Hall, Rebekah Scott Hall, Francis Winship Walters 
Winship Hall and three Theme Houses. 

nt Row: Joy Griggs, Director of Residence Life 

I row: Kaybern Cuffy, RA - Theme House 138. Holly Nelson, RA - Main 2nd, Julie Reynolds, RA - Inman 3rd, Hanwen Li, RA Inman 1st, Eowyn-Rose Sinclair, 

- Winship, Chelsie Buckley, RA - Winship 2nd, Senam Apaloo, RA - Walters 2nd 

row: Dyanne Baptiste, Graduate Hall Director, Lathasia Collins, RA - Theme House 132, Shea Hunter, RD - Avery Glen and Theme Houses, 

-a Lenoard, RA - Rebekah 3rd, Julianna Jones, RA - Main 3rd, Dru Clark, RA - Walters 1st, Meg Beyer, RA - Walters 2nd, Alyssa DeGazon, RA - Winship 3rd, 
i.nna Coughren, RA - Winship 3rd 
J:k Row: MK Findley, Graduate Hall Director, Onyinye Edeh, RA - Walters 3rd, Cicy Cui, RA - Rebekah 2nd, Rocio Rodriguez, RD - Rebekah, 

sica Stone, RA - Hopkins, Fazilla Aseem, RD - Inman, Lizzie Palleson, RA - Walters 3rd, Rosemary Maxwell, RA - Main 4th 

Jt Pictured: Rachel Bunker, RD - Main, Jennifer Sefa-Boakye, RD - Walters, Hayley Maxwell, RA - Winship 1st, Ivy Fitzgerald, RA - Theme House 124, 
Msty Kotter, RA - Winship 2nd, Anna Tucker, RA - Inman 2nd 

r Residence Life Staff sliows that they know how to have fun too. 

^ou/e/i CouHCtC 

Tower Council, the student ambassador organization for tlie college, works closely with and is 
sponsored by the Office of Admission. This group of approximately 50 students serves as 
ambassadors of the college to internal and external audiences. 

Areas of responsibility include serving as tour guides, maintaining personal correspondence witi; 
prospective students and parents, playing host to overnight prospective students and assisting { 
with campus preview days. i 

Top row, left to right: 

Kelly Domino, Rosemary Maxwell, Tricia Jackson, Sujin Headrick, Keelin Cox, Sarah Bowen, 

Dana Ciccotello, Kara Leverette, Alison Etheridge, Cecilia Alacala 

Bottom row, left to right: 

AJ Hall, Julie Reynolds, Julianna Jones, Darcy Hammon, Senam Apaloo, Alison Bowden 

Not Pictured: 

Esther Kaplan, Bhumika Patel, Meredith Goodman, Heather Drew, Abnia Loriston, Jenny Jacobs, 

Kate Whitney 


^am Scfio^a/ig 

ie Dana Scholars are selected based on leadership roles and attainment of a GPA above a 3.0. Through 

participation in the Dana Scholars leadership program, these students have the opportunity to meet 

ccomplished alumnae who share the successes and challenges of their leadership experience while also 

discussing leadership lessons topics that equip them for life beyond Agnes Scott. The 2008-2009 Dana 

Scholars heard from women leaders of City of Decatur, learned how to network and handle sticky 

situations, and made a visit to the corporate offices of The Southern Company. 

he picture below is from our kick-off retreat where we did a scavenger hunt through the City of Decatur to 
earn points and money to purchase items to fill backpacks for needy children. 

2008-2009 Dana Scholars: 

Class of 2009: Leah Anderson, Fazila Aseem, Antonella Barrero, Tara Brinkman, Rachel Bunker, 

Lizzi Buttenworth, SIgi Choi, Tiffany Claiborne, Collen Cogan, Valentina Dimitrova, MaryBeth Flournoy, 

Shea Hunter, Esther Kaplan, Brittney Little, Sarah Mecholsky, Ashley Mengwasser, Nazish Mithaiwala, 

Rocio Rodriguez, Amber Sims, Morgan Smith, Jaxen Solseng, Laura van Duursen 
ilass of 2010: Amasa Baldwin, Meg Beyer, Indira Cruz, Jenee Gaskin, Maggie Hamilton, Breana Jones, 

Hanwen Li, Justine Schwartz, Jennifer Sefa-Boakye, Skyler Washington, Jillian Wells, Qian Zhang, 
lass of 2011: Sarah Bowen, Liang Huang, Lucia Hulsether, Jenny Jacobs, Kris Phelps, Natalie Stadnick, 
Samantha Tanner, Ashley Williams, Anna Young 


fime/tgmg ^mdm 


Emerging Leaders is a program offered to selected students who have been identified as first-year 

leaders on campus. 

These young leaders have the opportunity to participate in a multi-week program that exposes 
them to different leadership topics and situations in order to refine their leadership skills. 

Held every two weeks from January through April, the Emerging Leaders program broadens the 

knowledge base of first-year leaders in areas such as creating leadership visions, leading a team, 

communicating with diverse audiences, and leading with integrity. In 2009, members read and 

discussed the book The Student Leadership Challenge and created and worked towards 

accomplishing their own visions for campus and community projects. 

The 2009 Emerging Leaders are Danielle Adamson, Dagny Asase, Courtney Brown, 

Rebecca Deutsch, Kelly Domino, Stefanie Donham, Ashley Hunter, Lauren Kenney, Jasmine 

Lewis, Stacey-Ann Love, Susie Martinez, Beverly McCall, Nadrat Nuhu, Syreeta Pritchett, 

Kimberly Reeves, Ginia Taylor, Emily Thomas 

The Emerging Leaders participated in a Low ropes course as a way to build and gain trust in each 
other. This is an important aspect of working on a team and was a wonderful base for the four 

topics the group would be discussing: How to create vision. Building relationships & respect for 
others. Communicating like a leader, and Leading with integrity. These topics culminated in a 

presentation of their leadership visions. 


008 SGA Executive Board: 

Idira Cruz '10, 

Secretary/Chair of Elections 
/leg Beyer '10, 

IOC Chair 
llrittney Little '09, 

imasa Baldwin '10, 

COSMO Chair 
;olleen Cogan '09, 

Judicial Board President 
iocio Rodriguez '09, 
I Student Senate President 
laura van Duursen '09, 
i Orientation Council President 
ileredith Goodman '10, 
I Programming Board President 
tigi Choi '09, 

izzi ButtenA/orth '09, 

Honor Court President 

he 2008 Student Government Executive Board encouraged student organizations to use each other as 
^sources. They initiated the first-ever external websites for student organizations and worked to make 
tudent organization processes and policies more relevant and understandable. Overall, the SGA 
xecutive Board did their best to think objectively about the challenges facing the student body and made 
isting decisions for the betterment of Agnes Scott students and student organizations. 

Each student of Agnes Scott College is a member of the Student Government Association. The student 

Dody elects SGA officers as well as the officers and representatives of Honor Court, Student Senate, 

and Judicial Board. 

/our student government executive board works hard to ensure that campus life at Agnes Scott is 

9verything you want it to be! The executive board plans the fall leadership retreat, leadership transition, 

:he leadership reception and elections, among other activities. The 2008 executive board made 

mprovements to the budget allocations process, the student activity fee, and websites for student 

3rganizations. The 2009 board plans to launch the Student Strategic Plan. 

2009 SGA Executive Board: 

Meg Beyer '10, president 

3icy Cui '10, treasurer 

Julianna Jones '10, secretary/chair of elections 

Lucia Hulsether '1 1 , Student Senate president 

3re Jones '10, Honor Court president 

Brittany Manning '10, Judicial Board president 

Jessi Probus '10, Inter-organization Council chair 

Misha Udhwani '10, COSMO chair 

Rachel Bryant '09/Katie McLellan '10, Programming Board chairs 

Lauren Slipek '1 1 , Orientation Council president 

Erin Howie, adviser 


Latinas UNIDAS 

The purpose of Latinas UNIDAS is to preserve and promote the heritage of Latinas and Hispanics i 
the Agnes Scott Community and the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Latinas UNIDAS cultivates a 
caring environment for Latinas and those that share a similar background/interest as they adjust t 
life on ASC campus. 

^gnes Scott Co^&ge ^epabUleam 

The Agnes Scott College Chapter of the College Republicans was established to give a voice to 
the many conservatives on the Agnes Scott College campus. The group advocates and believes 
in many of the views expressed by the national committee and is committed to the placement of 
politicians who share similar views to be eleced into leadership positions in many levels of 
government, including local, state and national. This year the College Republicans planned a 
September 11th flag memorial, a troop supply drive, participated in several local and national 
conventions, and spent time enjoying each others company. 

^/log/iammg ^oaiid 


The Programming Board serves to enhance and enrich the quality of 

student life by planning extracurricular activities throughout the year. 

The programming board plans social activities such as Movies in the 

Hub, coffeehouse concerts, Movies on the Quad, comedians, 

hypnotists, magicians, band and DJ parties, and more throughout the 

year. Programming Board offers Agnes Scott students everything 

other campuses offer and more. The programming Board is also 

responsible for planning the two annual formals, Black Cat and 

Spring Fling. 

2008-2009 Board 

Rachel Bryant - Co President 

Katie McLellean - Co President 

Meghan Ryan - VP of Special Events and Finance 

Lauren Slipek - VP of Communications 

Natasha McClendon - Coordinator of Campus Relations 

Meg Beyer and Jessie Probus - Community Service Co- Chairs 

Cicy Cui and Liv Zodorozny - Atlanta Outings split chairs 

Kate Whitney - Arts and Crafts chair 

Jeanine Pounds - Music Chair 

Trisha Manns - Movie Chair 


©/lientation Council 

Orientation Council strives to welcome all new students by 

providing information and support to aid them in their 

transition to the Agnes Scott community. Orientation events 

include a breakfast with the president; a gathering of 

Decatur area businesses, churches and banks and an 

academic open house as well as excursions to various local 

destinations during Labor Day weekend. 

Laura van Duursen President 

Natalie Stadnick Vice President 

Esther Kaplan 

Lucia Hulsether 

Erin Garner 

Rachel Mathers 

Lauren Slipek 

Jessi Probus 

Meredith Goodman 

Chelsea Guenther 

Casey McCarthy 

Annalise Bryant 

Cicy Cui 

Justine Schwartz 

Margaret McMillan 

Rachel Castleberry 

Brittani Banks 

^H^^^^^^^^H^ rA HlL-l I— —ill jl : 

Campus Life 



Each August, student leaders kick off the school year with an overnight retreat. They learn how to 
more effectively manage their organizations, reach their goals and visions, and continue 
developing as leaders. - — ,^ 

The Fall 2008 Leadership Retreat was successfully held at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, 
GA on August 18th and 19th. Student leaders gathered to build relationships, share challenges 
and solutions, learn more about each other's organizations, and get motivated for the new year! 

The Retreat was attended by the leaders of the 70 plus student organizations, the Orientation 
Council, Residence Life Staff, Class Officers, Student Senate, and the Executive Council of the 
Student Government Association. 

1-3) It sure did seem early in the morning but we were all 
excited to go on the Retreat. 

4) Our new dean Donna Lee introduced herself to the group 
and had us recognize the other leaders we admired in the 
group by tying a string around their wrist. This is a practice in 
Tibet before a person goes on a journey so that they 
remember all of the people who are supporting them at home. 

5) Joy Griggs the new Director of Residence Life also 
introduced herself. 

6 and 7) It was then of course time for some ice breakers to 
help us get to know each other better. 




^^H^u*^ ^•^^^si 


^^p j^^S 




j^BR' J^^Stf^ 
















vP I 

8) Our wonderful leaders Dean 
Hall, Dean Sanders-McMurtry, 
and Erin Howie were never far 
and made sure that everything 
went off without a hitch. 
9-12) The first break-out season 
allowed different groups to give 
advice to each other and discover 
ways that the groups could 
collaborate with each other that 
they had never tried or seen 

13-15 ) The remaining breakout 
sessions were for specific groups 
such as class officers. Residence 
Life, Senate, Orientation Council, 
and Organization Presidents. 

16) On the 18th a panel of three 
alumnae touched on the 
importance of being involved in 
leadership roles on campus. 

17) The retreat was closed by our 
keynote speaker Katherine 
Mitchell '68 who discussed the 
ethical aspects of leadership and 
the certain characteristics that 
make a good leader. 

Sof)fiomo/te 9famt% QAiGefoencI | 

Sophomore Family Weekend is a time honored tradition. The high point of the weel<end is when 
the Sophomores actually receive their rings. The rectangular, black, onyx stone inscribed with 
ASC has not changed since the ring was first worn in 1923. This ring ties all Agnes Scott 
alumnae together, and many upperclasswomen tell stories about how they were out somewhere 
and someone saw their ring and stopped them to say, "I went to Agnes Scott too!" It is in the 
spirit of sisterhood that we welcome the Sophomores to the "Black Ring Mafia" and say 
congratulations you are now a full member of the Agnes Scott Community for life. Wear your 
rings proudly. 

The Sophomore Class display their rings after the ceremony. 


v9eA(Q eAAa/iatdon ^yd/iation Station 

Agnes Scott students, staff, and community members gathered bright and early on Sunday, 
IVIarch 29th to cheer on and support thousands of runners during the third annual ING Georgia 
Marathon. The Scottie Dog and spirited students welcomed runners to the Main Loop as 
Johnny Scales and the 2-Timers played some lively music and volunteers passed out water 
and Gatorade. Favorite marathoners included Charlie a 75 year old man, a woman who ran 
with a steel leg, a man dressed in full Army gear including boots and backpack, and Agnes 
Scott's own Jaxen Solseng '09, Dr. Alan Koch and Dr. Jim Wiseman. 


Scottie Q/oieuba 

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. " 

Ryunosuke Satoro 

- There were a number of uplifting huddles throughout^ 27 HaVmg Fun - Kirnel Daniel 
^that truly encouraged the team to do its very best JBjjMloyed the seascMgiether she 
mi ^^^Vwas spiking,^^n, or just 

king with heji^^^feammat 

Coacfi Spot&gfit 

Amanda Brown entered her third year with the Agnes Scott 
jcotties this year. She joined Agnes Scott after graduating 
rem Maryville College with a Bachelors in Psychology and a 
/linor in German. While attending Maryville, she also played 
olleyball where she was a four year starter, she was on the 
>ill-Freshman Team, and her team received a bid to the NCAA 
National tournament every year. 

'hey were also GSAC Conference Champions for three years 
luring her tenure. She then went on to the University of 
"ennessee Knoxville where she received her Masters in Sport 
Psychology while working with the Lady Vols' volleyball team. 


poach Brown and her husband, Adam, reside in Atlanta. 

^opy courtesy of Sports Information. 

ROSTER 2008-2009 



Jasmine Lewis, Delia Steverson, Natalie Bryant, Carolyn Mahoney, Antonella Barrero, Hannah Peters, 
;Kimel Daniel 




Toccoa Falls 



Wesleyan Coll. 
Covenant Coll. 






Spellman Coll. 
Lagrange Coll. 
Huntingdon Coll. 
Talladega Coll. 
Piedmont Coll. 





Maryville Coll. 




to Semt^mafe 

The Agnes Scott College Womens soccer 
team grabbed an early lead over Maryville 
College and actually extended it, but could 
not hold on, as they dropped the Great 
South Athletic Conference (GSAC) 
tournament semi-final game 7-2 on Friday. 
The loss ended the Scotties' season in the 
semi-finals of the conference tournament 
for the fifth consecutive year. 

The Scotties got off to a dream start when 
senior Ashley Schmidt hit the yard 45 
seconds into the game to give the Scotties 
their first lead against Maryville in three 
years. The start got even better in the 22n( 
minute when Kate Schuhlein 
(Germantown, Tenn.) split the Lady Scots 
defense and doubled the lead. 

"I honestly could not believe the start", 
Head Coach Joe Bergin said. "To score 
one is great, but two is outstanding. And 
we hit the cross bar on another shot! I was 
hoping we could sustain that energy level 
for the whole game." 

With several injuries later in the half, 
Maryville finished the half on a roll, scoring 
three goals in a span of 13 minutes to go 
into the break up 3-2. The Lady Scots 
finished off the Scotties in the second half 
with four additional goals for the final 
margin of 7-2. 

The score does not look good, but I am so 
proud of our kids, said Bergin. To put this 
into perspective, we started seven first- 
years today against a team that has not 
lost in 88 conference games. This bodes 
well for us for the future. We have a bunch 
of off-season work ahead of us which 
includes strengthening our players and the 
squad through recruiting. 

The Scotties finished the year 7-12-1 and 
have advanced to the GSAC tourney semi 
finals every year under Bergin. 

Copy courtesy of Sports Information. 




i iiked the idea of playing 
Division III because it would 
mean I could play and still 
focus on my academics at the 
same time. -Jessica Jones 

Coach Bergin, Jessica Jones, 1 Mary-Kate Laird, 2 Sara Kielborn, 3 Sarah Batcheior, 5 Kate Schuhlein, 6 Cara 
Snyder, 7 Amber Sherer, 8 Kelsey Shaul, 9 Caitlin Suilmann, 10 Carolyn IVIahoney, 12 Ashley Schmidt, 13 Betsey 
Avery, 14 Erica Eiring, 15 Meredith Clark, 16 Lauren Welch, 17 Charia Gruber, 21 Kirsten Frye, 22 Laura Shaver, 
23 Kelly Smith 




Oglethorpe 1 








Peace 3 

Meredith 1 



Wesleyan 1 





Huntington 2 


Piedmont 1 


LaGrange 2 


Huntingdon 4 

Wesleyan 2 








GSAC First Round 

Maryville 2 


GSAC Semi- 

Finals @ 

LaGrange 2 


^ou/itfi in Con^^mm 

The Agnes Scott Cross Country team 
finished fourth at the Great South Athletic 
Conference Championship in IVIaryville, 
Tenn., as numerous members of the team 
received post-season honors. 

The Scotties were led by senior Jaxen 
Solseng, who placed 9th overall, followed 
by teammate and junior, Michelle Bach 
who finished 10th. 

First-year Merrill Montgomery earned a 
spot on the All-Freshman Team as one of 
the top five first-year finishers, placing 19th 
overall out of 45 runners. Other 
competitors in the GSAC Championship 
were sophomore, Jenna Stuckey , junior, 
Angele Alberti and senior, Elodie Marias. 

Jaxen Solseng, Michelle Bach, Jenna 
Stuckey, and Angele Alberti were named 
to the GSAC All-Academic Team. To 
receive this distinction, student-athletes 
must be sophomore level or higher and 
have a 3.25 GPA. 

"I am very proud of the cross country team 
for their hard work and dedication," Head 
Coach Mary Chind said. "Not everyone can 
balance school and athletics and these 
young ladies have continued to excel in 
both areas." 

Copy courtesy of Sports Information. 



Running cross country last 
year was very rewarding and 
fun. Tills year, I would like to 
beat my personal record and 
have fun. 

-Angele Alberti 
Class of 2010 

Angele Alberti, Gida Hammami, Lucia Hulsether, Jaxen Solseng, Michelle Bach, Merrill Montgomery, 
Elodie Marias 


Berry Invitational 


Lagrange Invitational 


Pre-Conference Meet 4th 

Chattahoochee Tech 

Invitational 8th 

Great South Athletic 

Conference Meet 4th 


Be positive and worf< hard. 
I ttiinl< it's possible to 
overcome anyttiing, if 

you're willing to work at it. 

Sheryl Swoopes, 
three-time WNBA MVP 

\m tk Sem^tficife 

Nikki Maples, Anna Wyatt, Marrenda Young, 
Morgan Smith, Kristen Davis, Jennifer Russi, 
Kimberly Reeves, Debra Weimer, Am~asa Baldwin, 
Rachael Pietkiewicz 


Us Them 

Johnson and Wales 
Judson Coli. 
Atlanta Christian Coll. 
LaGrange Coll. 
Emory Univ. 
Piedmont Coll. 
Maryville Coll. 
Atlanta Christian Coil. 
Westeyan Coll. 
Huntingdon Coll. 





















After leading by one at halftime, the Agni 
Scott basketball team fell to Huntingdon 
College, 54-46 in the semifinals of the 
Great South Athletic Conference 
Tournament. The loss ended the Scotties" 
season, who finished the year with a 13-1' 
overall record. 

"When your defense is able to hold a 
talented team like Huntingdon in the 40s 
before last-minute fouling and execute well 
enough to get so many open looks, you an 
doing a bunch of things right," Ciccone 
said. "We wanted the victory as much or 
more than Huntingdon did, but our second- 
half shooting hurt us." I 

The contest was the final game for Scottie 
seniors Kristen Davis, Nicole Maples and 
Morgan Smith. Maples and Smith scored 
13 and 1 1 points respectively, while Davis 
made key plays on the defensive end. 

Prior to the game, GSAC Conference 
Honors were awarded. Junior Am'asa 
Baldwin and senior Morgan Smith were 
each named to the All-Academic Team. 
Smith was also named to the All- 
Conference Team, while first-year Kimberl 
Reeves was named to the All-Freshman 
Team. Reeves scored 13 points in the loss 

Copy courtesy of Sports Information. 

3 Nikki Maples 

Point Guard, 


33 Morgan Smith 

10 Marrenda Young 
Point Guard. 

14 Am' asa Baldwin 23 Kristen Davis Senior, 24 Jennifer Russi 
Junior, Forward. Junior, 

Guard. Forward. 

12 Kimberly Reeves 

First Year, 


15 Rachael Pietkiewicz 

First Year, 


5 Anna Wyatt 

First Year, 





Thanks for all of your hard 
work ladies! Good luck in 
all your future plans! 

at 'xfoatitk 

After three days and six sessions of 
competition, the Scotties shattered three 
school records, had one NCAA qualifying 
time, and splashed to fourth place overall 
at the 2009 Atlantic States Swim 
Championships. This is the second year in 
a row the squad finished fourth in a field of 
12 teams. 

Sophomore April Whitley and first-year 
Katherine Curtiss led the Scottie charge, 
each placing in the top eight for all three of 
their individual events. For the second 
straight year, Whitley earned an NCAA B 
qualifying time of 2:26.67 in her victory in 
the 200-yard breaststroke. She also 
finished second in the 100-yard 
breaststroke and 4th in the 200-yard 
individual medley. 

Curtiss set a school record in the 400-yard 
individual medley (4:48.69, breaking the 
old mark of 4:53.71 set by Amy Zvonar in 
2001), her performance earning her 3rd 
place overall. She also finished fifth in the 
200-yard individual medley in a career-besi 
2:15.79, and seventh in the 200-yard 
backstroke in 2:16.26. 

Junior Maggie Hamilton and senior 
Shannon Reisner each added three top-12 
performances of their own. The duo placed 
tenth and eleventh, respectively, in the 
500-yard freestyle. Hamilton also grabbed 
eighth in the 200 freestyle and 200 
backstroke, while Reisner was fifth in the 
1650 freestyle and eighth in the 200-yard 

Whitley, Curtiss, Hamilton, and Reisner 
joined forces four times, earning fourth 
place in all four relays they swam and 
setting ASC records in the 400 and 800 
freestyle relays (3:52.24 and 8:26.38, 
respectively, breaking former records of 
3:53.08 and 8:29.16). 

Copy courtesy of Sports Information. 


I've been swimming for six 
years competively. As soon as i 
stepped on campus I fell in love 
with Agnes. The athletic 
department was very open and 
friendly, along with the rest of 
the staff. 

Haifa Wright-Hulett 
Class of 2011 


Senior Lindsey Burdette 

Senior Tara Brinkman 


iijpr Julie Drinkard 

Senior Estlier Kaplan 

First Year Danielle Patton 

Junior Shamonique Jones Junior Nil^itris DeLoach 

Ast. Coach Jacob IVIeyer ^ Head Coach Glen Hill 

Junior Amanda Chaffin 

I'ara Brinkman, Nikilris Deloach, Julie Drinkard, Lindsey Burdette, Shamonique Jones, Estlier Kaplan, Amanda 
Shaffin, Natalie Mayer, Danielle Patton 


Us Them 

Harris 9 


College 7 2 

Univ. 7 2 

iJ^Q,w S/ia is 9:le/ii 

A new era of Agnes Scott Softball began 
this year with the 2008-09 season. The 
Scotties were under the leadership of new 
head coach Shawn Bowers. With a solid 
core of returning players and a number of 
talented First Years entering the program, 
Bowers attempted to repeat the success 
he experienced during his four years at 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). 

While at RPI, Bowers helped lead his tearr 
to the NCAA Tournament, as well as a 
conference championship. Bowers was 
part of a staff named Conference Coachin( 
Staff of the Year, as he specialized in 
hitting and outfield play. Bowers will now 
attempt to bring his winning ways to the 
Scotties, with a conference championship 
as the team's goal. 

Copy courtesy of Sports Information. 

I chose to come to Agnes Scott 
because it is out of my comfort 

-Skylar Washington 

Class of 2010 

Third Base 

! Maples, Ashley Schmidt, Skylar Washington, Alisha Anderson, Chelsea Kremer, Amanda Messina, 
I Montgomery, Syreeta Pritchett, Laura Schaeffer, Kate Schuhlein, Anna Wyatt, Manager Debra 


March 25 

Huntingdon Coll 

March 31 

LaGrange Coll. 

April 2 

Spelman Coll. 

April 5 

Maryville Coll. 

April 7 

Piedmont Coll. 

April 9 

Covenant Coll. 

April 24 





The Class of 2009 entered Agnes Scott in the fall of 2005 and soon adopted the 

Muses of Apollo as their mascot. By the next fall the class adopted the Gold 

Diggers as their offical mascot for the next three years. The costumes really 

reflected the double entandre inherient in the name, they wore miners hats and 

gold necklaces. They were victorious in their Senior Black Cat and took top honors. 

The class hosted several fundraiser events for Dress for Success and gave back to 

the community in as many ways as possible. There were lots of good times with 

friends, family weekends, and class events. Four years are coming to a close and 

as Orientation said it would be the ride of our lives. Always remember the great 

traditions and days. The Class of 2009 will always hold Agnes dear. We may not 

know all of the reasons that we love Anges but we do. Farewell, Agnes Scott. 

We will miss you! 

Sunset Beach, NC 

Tennis (1), Special Events Corps (1,2), Best Buddies (1,2), 
Speaking Center Tutor (2,3,4), Colonnade Club (2,3,4- Activities 
Co-chair), Joyful Noise (2,3), Student Senate Senator (3,4), Phi 
Alpha Theta (3,4). 

"It's amazing how many cares disappear when you 
decide not to be something, but to be someone." 
Coco Chanel 

Decatur, GA j™ 

French '"" 


"Fear is always with us, but we 

just don't have time for it." 

Hillary Clinton 

Manqaviy. JVlm^ 

Bridgeport, CT 

Caribbean Student Association 

(2 -Treasurer, 3- Vice President,4- President), COSMO (4), Latinas Unidas (2,3,4), 

Joyful Noise (3,4), Family Weekend Planning Committee (4), Sophomore Family 

Weekend Planning Committee (2) 

"You can turn off the sun. But I'm still gonna shine." Jason Mraz 


Rock Hill, SC 

S.A.F.E. Women (2- Treasurer, 

3&4- President), SEC (2), 

ASCYD (3,4), Pestle Board (4) 

"To love is first of all to 

accept yourself as you 

actually are." Thich Nhat 


Jiilnda '^avitim JkndQii^on 

Austin, TX 

Religion and Social Justice 


Flute choir (1,2,3,4), Joyful Noise (1,2,3,4), Baptist Collegiate Ministry 

(1,2&3&4- President), Mortar Board (4), Theta Alpha Kappa (4), 

Campus Girl Scouts (1,2,3), Safe Agnes Scott Sisters (3,4), ASC 

Undivided (3,4), Special Events Corps (1,2,3) 

Tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun." The Beatles 

^a^ih c^geem 

Kabul, Afghanistan 
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 
and Mathematics-Economics 

Resident Director (3,4), International Student 
Association (1,2,3,4), Beta Beta Beta Co-President (4) 
"Monarchy owes itself to the prayers of 
beggars, I Rahman am a king because I 
am a beggar." Rahman Baba 

Bluffton, SC 

Economics and Organizational 



Varsity Volleyball (1,2,3,4) Varsity Softball (1), 

Latinas Unidas (1), Omicron Delta Epsilon (4) 

"De esperanzas vive el hombre, y muere 

de desilusiones" Anonymous 

Buford, GA 

Circle K (1,2-Treasurer), Psychology Club 

(2,3,4- Vice President), Research Assistant (3,4), 

ILL assistant (3,4), Studio Dance Theatre (4), 

Pestle Board (4) 

"If you have built castles in the air, 

your work need not be lost; that is 

where they should be. Now put 

foundations under them." 

Henry David Thoreau 


Ellenwood, GA 



Witkaze (1), Study Abroad ISEP Ambassador- 
Australia (4), Psychology Club (1, 2) Studio 
Dance Theatre Company member (3,4) 

"Main objective for living: Creating 

an ounce of laughter in every 

moment, everyday." 

tennis tde 

Class of 1957 
English and History 

(Those were the two most popular 

majors in the class of 1957) 

Dennis first came on the scene in 1951 

and since then has become one of the 

most recognizable cartoon characters 

in history. Dennis the Menace would 

make his first appearance as a mascot 

at Agnes Scott in 1957, he would 

appear two more times as a yellow 

class mascot. As the class of 1957 

related its class history in the 1957 

Silhouette, they participated in many 

of the traditions we hold dear at 
Agnes Scott today. They also ran a 
dry cleaning service, participated in 
the Senior Opera and May Day, and 
left a legacy for their yellow sisters 
across the years. 

St. Louis, MO 

Anthropology and Sociology (Biology) 

Blackfriars (1,2,3,4), FYI Leader (2), Mortar Board (4), Pestle Board (4), Pre-med Association (3,4), 
Programming Board (1), Special Events Committee (1) 

"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.' 
Carl Sagan 


Atlanta, GA 
Women's Studies 

Triota (3,4), Mortar Board (4) 

"What do we live for, if 

not to make life less 

difficult for each 

other?" George Eliot 


• - -v -IP-** - i 

"«--*«f»- A 

Arlington, VA 

Political Science and Economics 

Tlie Profile Staff Writer (1,2,3,4), Judicial Board 
Representative (4), Study Abroad (3), Global 
Health Council Government Relations Intern 
(2), US Citizenship and Immigration Services 
Intern (3) 

"Don't follow leaders, watch the 
parkin' meters," Bob Dylan 

Ca/ioftne Louisa ^o/iden 

Raleigh, NC 

Economics and Organizational 


ASCtv (1,2- Vice-President,3- President,4- Co- 
President), Junior Production (3- Co-Chair of 
Film), Dana Scholar (3), McCain Library 
Reference Desk Assistant (4) 
"The arrogance of this woman is 
insane." La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc 

Stockbridge, GA 
English Literature 
(Religious Studies) 

Theatre (1,2,3,4), Scottie Green Team (2,3,4), 
Student Senate (1,2,3,4), IOC Communications 
Rep (1) 

"If you are a dreamer, come in. 
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar 
A hope-er, pray-er, a magic bean buy- 
er... Come in!" g^ 
Shel Silverstein 

Atlanta, GA 

Anthropology and Sociology 

(Religious Studies) 

Atlanta, GA 
History (Economics) 

Best Buddies (1,2,3,4- Activities director), 

Sigma Alpha Iota (2,3,4), JSA (1,2,3,4), 

Anime Club (2,3,4- Co- president). 

Eta Sigma Phi (3,4), ASC-TV (2,3,4), 

IOC (3,4) 

"Do not put off until tomorrow 

what can be put off till day-after-tomorrow just as well." Mark Twain 


Austin, TX i 

Political Science and History J 

Tennis Team (1,2,3,4), Publitis (2,3,4), Silhouette (2,3,4 ! 
Assistant Editor), Mortar Board (4- President), Black 
Cat Indoor Decorations Chair (4), Phi Alpha Theta i 
(3,4), Student Athletic Advisory Committee (2,3), 
Agnes Scott Young Democrats (1) j 

"Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so 
listen closely" Tlie Land Before Time 

^iJ{anLj Sfynn ^/teu/e/i 

Lebanon, TN 

Religious Studies (Political Science) 

Pestle Board Executive Board (4), SEC (1,2), Showtime (1) 

"Well! After this, 1 shall think nothing of falling down the stairs!" 

Alice in Wonderland 

J^akma ^canette Ckakhn ^kowii\ 

At]ar:'-a, GA 

English Literature-Creative Writing (Religious Studies) 

T7ie Profile (1), Emerging Leaders (1), Student Senate (1,2,3,4), Joyful Noise (1,2,3,4), Amnesty International (1,2,3- Historian,4- Secretary), Office of ! 

Intercultural Affairs Student Worker (1,2,3,4), Board of Trustees Associate Member-Investment Committee (2,3), Active Minds (3&4-President), Class of ' 
2009 Co-President (2,3,4) I 

"Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world. " Johannl 
Wolfgang von Goethe j 






^^> Wm 


U^^^^' ^^^^1 


K ■ 


B iil 


Atlanta, GA 

ASC Psychology Club (3,4), ASC Pep Band (1) 
"They say that time changes things, but 
you actually have to change them 
yourself." Andy Warhol 

Saint Petersburg, FL 

QacliG^ 9t(ik:on ^/tyant 

Griffin, GA 
Art History 

Programming Board (1,2,3- VP of Special Events,4- President) 

"This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper." T. S. Eliot 

Tallahassee, FL 


(English and 

Africana Studies) 

Residence Life ( 2&3-Resident 
Assistant, 4- Resident Director) 

S^incfgey ^okama ^u/idette 

Dacula, GA 
(Women's Studies) 

Psychology Club (1,2,3,4), Psi Chi (2,3,4), SEC (2,3), Tennis Team (3,4) 
"We know what we are, but know not what we may be." 
William Shakespeare 

Maiden, MA 
International Relations 


St. Marys, GA 
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology 

Honor Court (1&2- member, 3&4- President), 

Orientation Council (3), ACS (3,4), Beta Beta Beta 

(3,4), Black Cat Chair Positions (2,3,4) 

"All the great things are simple, and 

many can be expressed in a single word: 

freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, 

hope." Winston Churchill 




■ '-' 

* ^^1 




£/(ica ^acM Camp 

Austell, GA 

History and Art History 

"One does as best one can, and then one goes to bed. And that's how suddenly 
one day, it becomes evident that one has achieved something." Paula Modersohn 

Cokhdla ^ose Canto 

Dallas, TX. 

Studio Dance Theatre (2,3,4), Colonnade Club 
(2,3,4), Witkaze (1) 

"God gives talent. Work transforms 
talent into genius." Anna Pavlova 

^acM Camon Ca^ikhm^ 

-^^^ Center Harbor, NH 

Psychology and English 

circle K (1,2&3- Secretary,4- President), Environmental Resident (2,3), FYI/ASC 101 Leader (2,3), Scottie Sister (2,3), Junior Production (3), Women's 
Resource Center (3), Psi Chi (3,4), Orientation Council: Family Life Coordinator (4), Mortar Board (4), Pestle Board (4) 
„^ "Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less ! 

cleaning up to do afterward." Kurt Vonnegut ! 

2%i Cdoi 

Columbia, SC 

History and International Relations 


student Government Association Treasurer (3,4), College Budget Work Committee 
Student Representative (3,4), Board of Trustee Finance Committee Student 
Representative (3,4), Vie Profile (2,3,4), Colonnade Club (3,4), Class of 2009 
Treasurer (2,3,4), Mortar Board (4), Pestle Board (4), Special Event Corps (2,3), 
Model United Nations (2,3) 

"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is 
invisible to the eyes." The Little Prince 

laik^km Co^fecn Cogan Phiuppi 

^am Cece&a Ciccoteffo 

Norcross, GA 

English Literature (French) 

T}ie Profile (2- Staff Writer,3- Sports Editor,4- Features Editor, Managing Editor), Special Events Corps (1,2), 
Tower Council (3,4), Best Buddies (2,3), Joyful Noise Gospel Choir (2,3), Studio Dance Theatre (4), Mortar 
Board (4) 

"Who never doubted, never half believed. Where doubt is, there truth is - it is her 
shadow." Ambrose Bierce 

^i^^any ^am^^k Chlbokne 

Florence, AL 

Vie Profile (1- Staff Writer, 2- Assistant Layout Editor, 3- 
Layout Editor, 4- Editor-in-Chief), ASCtv (1, 2, 3- 
programming director), Sigma Alpha Iota (2, 3, 4), 
French Club (1), Collegiate Chorale (3, 4), Sotto Voce (3, 
4), Luchsingers (3), Pestle Board (4) 
"Voici mon secret. II est tres simple: on ne 
voit bien qu'avec le cur. L'essentiel est 
invisible pour les yeux." Antoine de Saint 
Exupery from Tlie Little Prince 

Class of 1961 

The most popular 
major in the class 
of 1961 was 
History. To quote 
from the 1961 
"Parties and 
~ dances were 
^ dimmed by the 
more serious moments of Investiture and Graduate 
Records. Emotions, too, were mixed. Pride was felt for 
things accomplished; regret in things left undone. 
There was joy and anticipation of the future; sadness 
with the thought of leaving friends behind." It is clear 
that the women of the class of 1961 felt much the same 
way we do as we are coming to the end 
of our journey here at Agnes Scott. 

Atlanta, GA 
French (Art History) 

Judicial Board (1&2&3- 
Representative,4- President), 
Special Events Corps (1,2,3), 
Big Sister (2), Pi Delta Phi 
French Honor Society (3,4), 
Dana Scholar (2,4), Parietals 
Review Committee (2) 
"I can do all things 
through Christ who 
strengthens me." 
ians 4:13 






' I 

Brooklyn, NY 


"Everything Happens for a Reason." 

Brentwood, TN 
History and Psychology 

Katy, TX 
Biology and Music 

Beta Beta Beta (1- First-year 
representative,2&3- Historian,4- Co- 
president), Biology Department Learning 

Assistant (4), Agnes Scott College 

Community Orchestra (1,2,3,4), Chamber 

Winds (1,2,3,4) 

"Let's have what living buys." 

Hazel Hall 

Memphis, TN 

Economics & Organizational 

Management and 


Varsity Basketball Team (1,2,3,4), Witkaze 
(1,2&3- Parlimentarian/Historian, 4- Vice 
President), Psychology Club (2,3,4), Pestle 

Board (4) 

"Where ever you go, it should be a 

better place when you leave 

because you've been there." 


Huntsville, AL 



'Education is the best provision 

for the journey to old age." 













Smiths, AL 
International Relations 

Women In Business Organization & 

Women In Business Magazine (2,3,4 

President & Editor-in-Chief), Colonnade 

Club (3,4), Resident Assistant (2), Resident 

Director (3) 

"No one can make you feel 

inferior without your consent." 

Eleanor Roosevelt 

^afentina Simeonoi/a ^imit/toua 

Pleven, Bulgaria 

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Mathematics-Physics 

International Student Association (2, 3, 4- President), Mathematics Tutor (3,4), Physics Tutor (4) 
"God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the 
things 1 can, and wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr 

Cou/itney ^kiam QQ,m\}a 


Savannah, GA 
Biology (Chemistry) 

Beta Beta Beta (2,3,4), American Chemical Society 

(2,3,4), Scottie Big Sister (3,4), Nurturing the Science 

in Women Peer Facilitator (4), Bevier Scholar (4) 

"An individual has not started living until 

she can rise above the narrow confines of 

her individualistic concerns to the broader 

concerns of all humanity." Dr. Martin 

Luther King Jr. 


Jk\^dKQ,m Candice ^miQ,k 

Stone Mountain, GA 

Sociology/ Anthropology 


Amnesty (1), AWISA (1, 4), Emerging Leaders (1), 

Joyful Noise Secretary (4), Witkaze (1) 

"Change will not come if we wait for 

some other person or some other time. 

We are the ones we've been waiting for. 

We are the change that we seek." 

Barack Obama 

tennis tde L^Uenace 

Class of 1965 

Dennis would make his second 

appearance at Agnes with the class 

of 1965. This time around the class 

would major mostly in English or 

Math. They celebrated the standard 

traditions and lamented rain for 

Black Cat. The class prepared for 

life after Scott with several trips and 

interviews with the Placement office. 

i{ Sunsfime 

LaGrange, GA 

Student Senate (2- Senator, 3&4- Secretary), 
SEC (1), Dana Leadership Scholar (2,3), ASC 

Pre-med Association (1), Boys and Girls 

Club Volunteer (1), West Georgia Medical 

CiTtei Nursery Intern (2), Child Advocacy 

Center Intern (3) 

"Let th^re be kindness in your face, 

in youi eyes, and in your smile... 

Don't only give your care, but give 

your heart as well." Mother Teresa 


Charleston, SC 

Religion & Social Justice (Music) 

Safe Agnes Scott Sisters (2,3,4), Sigma Alpha Iota 
(1,2,3,4), Scottie Sister (2,4), ASC 101 Leader (3), 
ASC Community Orchestra (1,2,3), Flute Choir 
(1,2), Chamber Winds Ensemble (2,3), Emerging 
Leaders (1), SEC (1,2), Volunteer at Hagar's House 
(2,3,4), Campus Girl Scouts (2), Office of 
Intercultural Affairs (3,4) 
"The true beauty of rebellion is being 
happy despite the world" Alison Filosa 

S:(ay&y Jdam Qaddaqk^k 

Roswell, GA 

English Literature-Creative Writing 


Writing Center tutor (1,2,3,4), Flute Choir (1,2,3,4), Joyful Noise (1,2,3&4- Student Directress), Agnes 
Scott College Community Orchestra (1,2,3) 

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the 
difference between lightning and a lightning bug." Mark Twain 

1 /--''^ ■■3 

cAliCofe SPeigd Qibbs 

Greensboro, NC 

(Asian Studies) 

Programming Board (1,2,3- Vice- 
President of Special Events), Phi Alpha 
Theta (2,3,4) 

"In the depth of winter, I finally 

learned that within me there lay 

an invincible summer." Albert 


8/itca ^aiik I 

Baltimore, MD \ 

Women's Studies (German Studies 

LBTQIA Collective (1,2,3), FMLA (1,2), Triota (3,4))! 
German Studies Honor Society (3,4), Mortar Board (' 
"Gas prices, they keep on rising. The \ 
government, they keep on lying. But wei 
gotta keep on surviving, keep living ouil 
truth and do the best we can." India Arit 

(jUa/tquia ^amdk Qmmaqe 

Kennesaw, GA 

Psychology (Art History) 

"If you want it to happen hold fast and believe, you can make it happen you can be 

what you please." Jill Scott 

fi&sa JUa/iie Q/iesdam 

Greensboro, GA 

Sociology & Anthropology 

(Africana Studies) 

Witkaze (1,2,3- Treasurer,4- Co-President) 

"We need to internalize this idea of 

excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of 

time trying to be excellent." Barack 


Zug, Switzerland 

American Chemical Society 

(4- Co-President ) 

"The most beautiful thing we can 

experience is the mysterious. It is 

the source of all true art and 

science." Albert Einstein 


CarroUton, GA 
Sociology and 

Best Buddies (1,2,3,4), Baptist Campus 
Ministry (1,2,3,4), Mortar Board (4), Fugees 

Family Organization (2,3,4) 

"You should always tell the truth, 

but you shouldn't always be 

telling it." J.R. Hansard 

English and French 

Zemblans United, Jenga Club, General Shenanigans 

"Occasionally they would make things, but it seems most often their 
lives were their primary creative work." David Byrne 

Atlanta, GA 

^acM ^akpQii 

Rome, GA 

Cou/ttney c^Mison 

Hickory, NC 

English Literature-Creative 


Luchsingers (1,2.3), Amnesty International 

(1- Publicity, 2- Treasurer, 3- Vice 

President, 4- President), Theatreworks (2), 

Rose & Shield (3,4), Joyful Noise (3,4), 

CUss of 2009 Black Cat Songs Chair (4) 

"the raost wasted of all days is one 

without laughter" e.e. cummings 

Ringgold, GA 
Mathematics and French 

Aurora (1,2- Junior Editor,3- Editor-in-Chief,4), 

Infinity Club (1,2&3- Vice-President,4- President), 

Math Learning Center Assistant (2,3,4), Special 

Events Corps (1,2), Tower Council (2,3,4), Mortar 

Board (4), Class of 2009 Treasurer (1) 

"The knack of flying is learning how to 

throw yourself at the ground and miss." 

Douglas Adams 


Aurora, OH 

Economics and Organizational 


Varsity Tennis Team (1,2), Daughters of Gaia 

(1,2&3- Treasurer,4- Vice President), Pestle Board 

(4- President), Black Cat Chairs (2- Black Cat 

Chair, 3- JP Writer, 4- Costume Chair), 

Allocations Committee (4), COSMO (2,4) 

"I am frolicsome, I am easy, good 

tempered and free, and I don't give a 

single pin me boys what the world 

thinks of me" Saucy Sailor, Traditional 

Sailor Folk Song 

Decatur, GA 1 

Art History 

ASC TV (2), Junior Production (3), Camera 

Obscura (2, 3), Collage (4) 

"My favorite thing is to go where I've 

never been." —Diane Arbus 



Louisa QJicto/tia ^'M 

Bryn Athyn, PA 

Theatre and French (Women's Studies) 

Writing Center tutor (2,3,4), Triota (4- President), Horizon Theatre Playwriting Apprentice (4), 
Working Title Playwrights affiliate (3, 4), Blackfriars member (2,3,4), French Club (3&4- President), 
Cross Country (1,2,3) 

"And oddly enough, everything starts with a word." Pablo Neruda 

(Jlustm S(i6a 

Douglasville, GA 

Political Science 


Daughters of Gaia (1,2,3,4- 

Vice president), SAFE 

Women (3,4), Resident 

Assistant (2), Resident 

Director (3&4), Mortar Board 

(4), Psi Chi (4) 

"Oh! do not attack me with your watch. A watch is always too fast or too slow. 
I cannot be dictated to by a watch." Jane Austen 

.awrenceville, GA 

sychology Club (2), Psi Chi (3,4), Collegiate 
horale (1,3), Luchsingers (2), Japanese Cultural 
vents Committee (4), Vie Profile (4) 
I may not have gone where I 
itended to go, but I think I have 
nded up where I needed to be." 
)ouglas Adams 

^mani Jkl^ka &Mmq 

Brooklyn, NY 
Africana Studies 

Witkaze (1,2,3,4- Volunteer Chair), Circle K 
(2,4), AWISA (2,3), Pnblius (2,3,4) 
"Emancipate yourself from mental 
slavery, none but ourselves can free 
our mind." Robert Nesta Marley 

Class of 1969 

History and English Majors were 

still popular. 

The class was very involved in 

campus life and helped to continue 

the traditions that we love so much 



J[ma jUa/iie J-cJ^e/is 

Ludowici, GA 
Biology (Asian Studies) 

Beta Beta Beta (2,3,4), Japanese Events Committee 
(1,2,3,4), WAVE (1,2,3,4), Young Democrats (1,2,3,4) 
"How did it get so late so soon? It's night 
before it's afternoon. December is here 
before it's June. My goodness, how the 
time has flewn. How did it get so late so 
soon?" Dr. Seuss 

Athens, GA 

Classical Language & Literature 


Varsity Soccer (1,2,3,4), Eta Sigma Phi (3,4), 
Classics Club (1,2,3,4) 

"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be 
when you can't help it." Oscar Wilde 

2a/ia(i Sf ynn ^ones 

Austin, TX 

Nairobi, Kenya 
Sociology & Anthropology 

International Student Association (2,3,4), Witkaze (2,3), Joyful Noise (1,2), Pestle Board (4), 
Atlanta Food Bank Volunteer (2,3), AWISA (2), Orientation Council- International Student 
Coordinator (3), Sociology/Anthropology Club (4) 

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, heard or 
even touched. They must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller 



"V'llV^ I 

Qaiiak Qdam ^afo/tis 

Daphne, AL 

History and Secondary 

Education Certification 

Silhouette (2,3&4- Editor-in-Chief), Coloimade 
Club (2,3,4), Resident Assistant (2,3), ASCR 
(1,2), Emerging Leaders (1), FYI/ASC 101 
Leader (2,3,4), Class of 2009 Secretary (2,3,4), 
Scottie Orientation Staff (2) 
"Oti theli O Theos" translated as 
"Whatever God Wants" 


Charlottesville, VA 

International Relations and Political Science 

Varsity Tennis (1,2,3,4), Varsity Swimming (1,4), LBTQIA Collective (1,2,3&4- Treasurer), 
Council (3,4), Mortar Board (4), Orientation Council (4) 

"I've overcommitted myself, I guess this is growing up. I'm sleeping so 
days, I guess this is growing up. I'm feeling things are about to change, 
guessing this is growing up." Forever the Sickest Kids 


little these 

Edisto Island, SC 
Art and Women's Studies 

Lawrence, KS 

Psychology (Women's Studies) 

Tower Council (2,3,4), Psychology Department 
U Tutor (2,3,4), Psi Chi (3,4- Treasurer), Psychology 
I Club (1,2,3,4), Circle K (1,2,4), SEC (1,2) 
™ "We neither get better or worse as we get 

older, but more like ourselves." Robert 


(J[mmda ^u/iness 


New Orleans, LA 
Africana Studies 

Model United Nations (2) 

"Hope is oxygen to someone who is 

suffocating on despair." David Carr 

Rock Hill, SC 
Mathematics-Physics I 

College Republicans 

(1- Treasurer,2- Vice Chair, 

3&4- Chairman), Resident Assistant (2), Society ot Physics Students (3&4- 

Vice President), Model UN Delegate (2,4), Astronomy Club (1,2), 

Conservative Forum (1,2,3,4), Student Calling (1,2,3,4), Astronomy Lab TA 


"We are all faced with great opportunities... brilliantly 
disguised as impossible situations." Anonymous 


'I L 

JUa/itda SPee 

Chicago, IL 
"Just take time to breath!" Martha Lee 

Shanghai, China 
Economics and Mathematics 

ISA (1,2,3- Treasurer,4), ODE (3- Vice-President) 

^oafifia Qenee SPoesing 

Woodstock, GA 

Religious Studies & Social Justice 

and Sociology & Anthropology 

Safe Agnes Scott Sisters (2,3,4- Co-Organizer), 
Theta Alpha Kappa (4), Varsity Soccer (1,2), TJie 
Profile (3&4- Photographer) 
"It is the mark of an educated mind to be 
able to entertain a thought without 
accepting it." Aristotle 

Denver, CO 
Psychology and 
Africana Studies 

Agnes Scott Cheerleaders(l,2,3), 
Psychology Club (1,2,3,4), Witkaze (1), 

Student Government Association 

Executive Board (1&2-10C Chair, 2&3- 

Treasurer, 3&4-President), Orientation 

Council (2-Secretary, 3-ASClOl- 

Coordinator), Sophomore Family Weekend 

(2- Slide Show Chair), Crisis Coordinating 

CoiT.mittee (3,4), Book Store Committee 

(2,3,4), Dean of Students Search Committee 

(3), Mortar Board (4), Senior Gift 

Campaign Committee (4) 

"I am because we are" Ubuntu 
96 African Philosophy 

Leesburg, GA 
History (Spanish) 

Resident Assistant (2), Speaking Center Tutor (3,4) Living Wage Campaign (1) 
"...The story of my triumphs will eventually disclose that though the battle has 
been long and hard-fought, it was worth while." Clara Foltz, 1878 

cAlicofe S^ouige JUapfe 

Alpharetta, Ga 

Agnes Scott Varsity Basketball(l,2,3,4) Agnes 

Scott Varsity Softball(l,4) Agnes Scott Varsity 


"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss 

you will land amongst the stars." 


(Ame JUa/iGntcfo 

Columbia, PA 
Classical Civilizations 

Black Cat Costume Co-Chair (1), SAFE Women (1- Secretary, 3), Classics Club (1,3,4), Daughters 
of Gaia (1,3,4- Secretary), Eta Sigma Phi (3&4- President), Pestle Board (4) 
"Salva res est, saltat senex." Ancient Roman Proverb 

fidauna (JUa/iisa 

Comer, GA 

Beta Beta Beta (3&4- Secretary), Joyful Noise 

(2,4), Baptists Collegiate Ministries (1), 

Newlife (3) 

"Keep your dreams alive. 

Understand to achieve anything 

requires faith and belief in yourself, 

vision, hard work, determination, 

and dedication. Remember all things 

are possible for those who believe." 

Gail Devers 

9^/iance8 eAlicofe 

Marietta, GA 
Biology, Pre-Med 

Pestle Board(4), Living Wage 

Campaign(2,3,4), Amnesty International (4) 

"Emancipate yourselves from 

mental slavery. None but 

ourselves can free our minds." 

Bob Marley 


Class of 1973 

Daisy Mae was the love of Lil 

Abner in the now famous comic 

strip of the same name. Running 

for over 40 years the couple married 

in 1952 and lived a relatively quiet 

life. Daisy Mae became a domestic 

housewife and remained that way. 

However, it seems that the women 

of Agnes Scott may have picked her 

for other virtues. Agnes women 

were still majoring in English or 

History and not much had changed 

in the way of traditions. 


Casey lAmmda jUcCa/itdy 

Grapevine, TX 

English Literature - Creative Writing 

Student Senate (1,2), Tlie Profile (1- Assistant layout editor, 2- sports editor). Student Calling Program (1), 
Resident Assistant (2), Sophomore Family Weekend Registration Tracking Chair (2), Black Cat Costume 
Chair (3), Black Cat Co-Choreographer (2,3), Junior Production cast member (3), Scottie Spirit Squad (3,4- 
President), Honor Court (3,4), Studio Dance Theatre (4), Pestle Board (4) 
"Alas! Earwax." Dumbledore, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone 

JUicofe JJiiMk 

Stone Mountain, GA 

East Asian Studies 

(Sociology & 


Japanese Culture Club (3,4- 

President), Japanese Tutor (3,4) 

"Amor vincit omnia." 


Sa/iafi ^acdef 

Gainesville, FL 
Mathematics (Music) 

ASC Amnesty International (1,2,3- Senior 

Coordinator, 4), ASC 101 Leader (3), 

Luchsingers (1,2,3,4), SEC (1), Tower 

Council(2), Chorale(l), Sotto Voted), ASCC 

Orchestra (1,2,3,4), ASC Strings (1,2,3), Math 

Learning Center Tutor(3,4) 

"Reason, ruling alone, is a force 

confiiiing. Passion, unattended: a 

flame that burns to its own 

destruction. Therefore let your soul 

exalt your reason to the height of 

passion." Kahlil Gibran 


Buford, GA 
English Literature (Psychology) 

Class of 2009 Vice-President (2,3,4), Speaking 

Center Tutor (2,3,4), Strategic Planning 

Coordinating Committee (2,3,4), TIte Profile 

Staff Writer (1,2,3,4), Special Events Corps 

(1,2,3), Tower Council (4), Psi Chi (3,4) 

"Was there anything so real as 

words?" Oscar Wilde, Tlie Picture of 

Dorian Gray 

J[kaiila C/iiseMa ^. 
jUc/tcado ! 

Manila, Philippines j 

Music Performance ' 

(English Literature) j 

Newman Club (1,2,3,4), Emory Catholic Center j 
Music Ministry (2,3,4), Collegiate Chorale (l,2,3,4ij 
Sotto Voce (1,2,3,4), Tlie Profile (2,4), Sigma Alphit 
Iota (2,3,4) : 

"Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in thj 
back and, instead of bleeding, he sings,, 
Ed Gardner I 

"dimdadd J(nm JUe% 

Alexandria, VA 

History and Political Science 

ASCYD (1,2,3,4), Pestle Board (4) 
"Historians are the most powerful and 
dangerous members of any society. 
They must be watched carefully. They 
can ruin everything." Nikita Krushchev 

cAladia Gdmue Jiilickdd 

Wheat Ridge, Colorado 
Political Science 

Judicial Board Representative (1), Agnes Scott 

Cheerleader (1,2), Resident Assistant (3) 

"An artist finds great pleasure in each 

stroke rather than in her finished 

picture" Nadia Mitchell 


LAIagigfi Jkhdixd Rahman Mlikalwah 

East Point, GA 

History (Religious Studies) 

The Profile (1&2- Staff Writer,3- Assistant News Editor), Muslim Student Association Co-President 

(1,2,3) Arabic Table participant (3,4) 

"We can't change the cards we're dealt, only how we play the hand." Randy 


Jessica Sfanay Jdoom 

Key West, FL 

Art History and Latin American 

and Caribbean Studies 

Latinas Unidas (1,2,3,4- Vice President), 

Caribbean Student Association (1,2,3,4- Vice 

President), AWISA (1,2,3,4- Volunteer 


"Even when the condition is critical 

and the living is miserable, your 

position is pivotal I ain't lying to you." 

Talib Kweli 

JUa/(iette 8me/iy LyUoo/ie 

Colorado Springs, CO 
Economics (Art History) 

ASC Varsity Tennis Team (1,2), Circle K (1,2,3), Judicial Board (2), Joyful Noise (2), GOAL Inc. 

Intern (4), Women In Business (4- Layout Editor) 

"I am only at home and interested on uncharted seas. My willfulness I was 

born with." Aline Bamsdall 

J^eggica (jUay JWo/iia/ity 

Class of 1985 
The most popular majors were 
English and Economics. The 
Sundance Kids wore cowboy 
hats and yellow bandanas, much 
like the Gold Diggers miner hats 
and yellow fabric. They seem to 
sum it up best in the 1985 
Silhouette, "There is something 
sperial about life here at Agnes 
Scott, ft isn't something you can 
put your finger on exactly, but it 
colors your v/hole life. Good- 
bye Agnes! We will miss you." 


Salem, NJ 

Philosophy (Mathematics) 

Philosophy Club (4- Founder and President), Special Events Corp (1,2,3), House Manager for ASC Theater j 
Productions (1), ASCR (1), ASCYD (1), Residential Computer Consultant (3,4), Hagar's House Volunteer 
(1,2), Student Calling Program (1,2,3), Member of the Fantastic Four (2,3,4), American Chemical Society- 
ASC Chapter (3), Scottie Big Sister (2,3,4) 

"I was standing in the park wondering why Frisbees get bigger as they get closer. 
Then it hit me Hope is all I have." Unknown 

Mount Pleasant, SC 

"Go out of the house and go into the 

convulsion of the world, out of history into 

history and the awful responsibility of 

Time." Robert Penn Warren 

LAmdk Spin cJJeuiga/id 

St. Charles, MO 
Astrophysics (French) 

Luchsingers (1,2- IOC Rep, 3- Treasurer, 4), Society of 
Physics Students (3&4 founding member). Orchestra 
(1,2,3,4), ASCR (2,3), SEC (1,2), Tower Council (2,3), 
Chorale (1,2), ASC Cheerleading (1) 
"Looking out at the cosmos makes you 
think, about where we are, where we've 
been, where we're going now." Gabrielle, 
Friend in Need part one, Xena: Warrior 

'xJko, Sundance 'xKld^ 

Cdinye/iG ©fcod 

Subaye Qpoka-Jkcqaak 

Accra, Ghana 

Economics & Organizational Management (French) 

Hubert Scholar (2,3,4), Omicron Delta Epsilon - Economics Honor Society (2,3,4), Fellowship of 
Christian Students (1,2&3-Public Relations & Events Chair), Investment Club (4- President), Economic 
Empowerment Initiative (2,3&4-Administrative Assistant/Intern), Model UN (2,3&4- President), FYI 
Leader (2), AWISA (2,3,4- Treasurer) 
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Psalms 30:5 

i^iimnMHWM maigaBtigMHiBi 

Stone Mountain, GA 

Mathematics and 


Society of Physics Students (3), 
Economic Empowerment 
Initiative (1,2), City of Decatur 
After School Counselor (1) 

"Where there's a will, 

there's a way." -English 


Sdaij^a S^Gigd ©tofe/im 

^dmla ©ttoboni 


English and Psychology 

(Religious Studies) 

Fort Worth, TX 
Biology (Religion) 

Cheerleading (1), Colonnade Club (3,4), Black Cat 
Chair (4), SEC (2,3), New Life D-group Leader (3,4) 
"A new commandment I give to you, that 
you love one another just as I have loved 
you." John 13:34 

Boone, NC 

Religious Studies/Social Justice 

and Spanish 

"Everything changed the day they figured 

out there was exactly enough time for the 

important things in their lives." Brian 


Siai/inad SPouiSG ^ete/is 

Moorpark, CA 
Chemistry (Studio Art) 

American Chemical Society (1,2,3,4- IOC Representative), Varsity Volleyball (1,2,3,4- Captain), Varsity 
Softball (1), Chemistry Theme House Volunteer Coordinator (4), Black Cat Field Day Chair (2), Black 
Cat Decorations Chair (3) 

"I have learned I always have a choice, and sometimes it is only a choice of 
attitude" Judith M. Knowlton 

Baalim cAlicofe ^oto 

St. Charles, MO 
History (Sociology) 

NewLife (1,2,3- Leader,4), Agnes Scott College 

Community Orchestra (1,2,3), Georgia Tech 

Marching Band (2,3,4), Scottie Sister (3,4) 

"Sing to the LORD, praise his name; 

proclaim his salvation day after day. 

Declare his glory among the nations, his 

marvelous deeds among all peoples." 

Psalm 96:2-3 


Dallas, TX 

Concentrations: Elementary 
Education and English 

SEC (1,2,3) Library Assistant (1,2,3) Student Calling 
(1,2,3,4) Colonnade Club (3) Philosophy Club (4) 
"Great things are not done by impulse, 
but by a series of small things brought 
together." Vincent Van Gogh 

Lilburn, GA 
Religious Studies 

Special Events Corp (1,2), Social Council (1), 

College Republicans (1,2), Joyful Noise (1,2,3,4) 

"Happiness is when what you think, 

what you say, and what you do are in 

harmony." Mahatma Gandhi 


Decatur, GA 
English and Women's Studies 

2[iannon J[(lQ,mndiia ^Gisne/t 


1 i 

^^Kat^ ■"^ 



I^^K P 

I^^L ^-<tf 

JB 1 


1k' vV^I 

Redmond, WA 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Mathematics) 

Pre-Medical Association (1,2- Volunteer Coordinator,3- Vice-President,4- Co-President), ACS (1,2,3- 
Secretary, 4-Vice-President), New Life (1,2,3,4), Students For Life (2- President), Varsity Swimming 
(1,4), Varsity Softball (2), Outdoor Adventure Club (2,3), ASCR (2,3), Undivided ASC (4) 
"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet 1 will endure the darkness 
because it shows me the stars." Og Mandino 



Atlanta, GA 
Africana Studies 
(Political Science) 

SEC (1,2), ASC 101 Leader (3), 

Colonnade Club (3,4), SDF 

Student Representative (3,4) 

Amnesty International (4), 

ASCYD (4) 

"It takes a lot to get up there and embarrass yourself. But you shouldn't put 

down, you should merit yourself." Lupe Fiasco 

Watkinsville, GA 

(Political Science) 

Joyful Noise (1,2), Student Senate (1&2- 
Senator,3&4- Vice-President), Scottie Sister 
(2), Beads for the Bayou (1,2,3), Phi Alpha 
Theta (3,4), Junior Production Writer (3), 
Mortar Board (4), Mortar Board Black Cat 

Chair (4) 

Take these broken wings and learn 

o fly / All your life / You were only 

waiting for this moment to arise." 

"Blackbird" by the Beatles 

Atlanta, GA 

Dallas, TX 

Sociology and Anthropology 


Joyful Noise (1,2,3,4) 

"Courage, sacrifice, determination, 

commitment, toughness, heart, talent, 

guts. That's what little girls are made of, 

the heck with sugar and spice." Bethany 



Dallas, TX 

Political Science and Spanish (Economics) 

Residence Life (2&3- Resident Assistant, 4- Resident Director), Latinas Unidas (1&2- 
Public Relations Chair,3- Vice-President,4- President), Student Senate (1&2- 
Treasurer,2- Vice-President,3&4- President), Student Government Association 
Executive Board (3&4- Vice-President), Dana Scholar (2,3,4), President's Committee 
for Community Diversity (4), Mortar Board (4), Sustainability Steering Committee 
(4), Project for Peace: Fighting Domestic Violence, Creating Domestic Peace (2- Vice- 
Chair), Think, Live, Engage (Racial Focus Group, 2), Publius (2- Secretary), FVI 
Leader (2), Scottie Sister (2), Emerging Leaders Program (1) 
"La linica lucha que se pierde es la que se abandona." Madras de 
Plaza de Mayo 

cAlatocda ^oge/i 


French and Religious Studies 

Roseville, CA 
History and Theatre 

Cdest/ie Cats 

Mam (JJtcofe ^usfi 

Class of 1989 

The class of 1989 was full of diverse majors but the top two were Psychology 
and Economics. The college's centenial year was a year long celebration. The 
year was a celebration of one-hundred years of keeping the promise, of 
educating women, and a renewed fervor to be around for a hundred more. 
The members of the Senior class participated in many social events and 
protest both on campus and off campus. 

Cgdartown, GA 
History and English 

Anime ciub i3&:4- President), Circle K (4), Pestle Board (4) 

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained." Mark Twain 


Sfeticia Santos 

Austin, TX 

English Literature/Creative Writing (Spanish) 

"I am an American writer in the original sense of the word, an 

American con acento." Cherrie Moraga 

Marietta, GA 

Tlie Profile (2,3,4- Editor-in-Chief), Scottie Green Team (2,3,4), Environmental Resident (3,4), 

Sustainability Steering Committee (3,4), EEI (1,2,3,4), Joyful Noise (1,2,3) 

'Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of 

the good." Ralph Waldo Emerson 

c^sWey ^i^m Qckmldi 

Lawrenceville, GA 

Varsity Soccer (1,2,3,4) 

"Without passion we would truly be dead. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Joss Whedon) 


SPau/ia ^aige Qkamk 

Cartersville, GA 
(History) ■ 

Varsity Soccer team (1,2,3,4), Psychology Club 

(2,3,4- IOC Rep), Theaterworks (2), Sophomore 

Family Weekend Decorations Chair (2), Phi 

\lpha Theta (2,3,4), Psi Chi (2,3,4- Secretary), Iota 

Iota Iota (3,4), Black Cat Indoor Decorations 

Co-Chair (4) 

"Once you have flown, you will walk 

the earth with your eyes turned 

ikyward, for there you have been, there 

you long to return." Leonardo da Vinci 

^^ae Stiefton 

Piedmont, AL 
International Relations 

Colonnade Club(2,3,4- Organizational Chair), Scottie Sister (2, 4) 

"Sometimes the only way is jumping, I hope you're not afraid of heights." 

Gavin DeGraw 


Chamblee, GA 

Music History (Spanish) 

Programming Board (2), Joyful Noise (1,2,3,4- 
Treasurer), Caribbean Student Association (4) 
"Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or 
frightened, but go on in fortune or 
misfortune at their own private pace, 
like a clock during a thunderstorm." 
Robert Louis Stevenson 

c^mbe/i Sims 

Mesquite, TX 

English (Political Science) 

Colonnade Club (1&2&3&4- President), :'vl#*| 

Senate (2&3&4- Parliamentarian) Tfee Pro/i/e (2,3), ' • :i| 

Alumnae Board (1,2,3,4), Board of Trustees (1,2,3,4) 

"If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in 

little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude." Colin 


(jUo/igan S^ea Qmlik 

Rochester, NY 

Economics and 

Organizational Management 


Varsity Basketball (1,2&3& 4- Captain), 

Irvine Investment Group (3 & 4- 

President), President's Athletic Advisory 

Board (4), Student Athletic Advisory 

Committee (4), Omicron Delta Epsilon 

(3,4), Dana Scholar (4) 

• Always make your future bigger 

tlian your past." Dan Sullivan 


Ca/ta Sfiijc(6/i 

Greenbelt, MD £i- : 

Economics and International Relations (Spanish) 
Varsity Cross Country (1), Collegiate Chorale (1,2), Women in 
Business (1), Varsity Soccer (2,4), Honor Court Representative 
(2), Global Awareness India (2), Model United Nations (2,4- 
Co-President), One year Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, 
Argentina (3), Tlie Profile Abroad Correspondent (3) 
"... We must try to do something good, something 
useful with our lives. If you contribute to other 
people's happiness, you will find the true goal, 
the true meaning of life." His Holiness the XIV 
Dalai Lama 

^ay.m Sofeetig 

Bainbridge Island, WA 
Economics and 

Varsity Cross Country (1,2,3,4) 

c^bbey Rebecca Stacfcfiouse 

Omaha, NE 

Psi Chi (3,4- President), Psychology Club (3,4) 

"We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other 

person can be." Jane Austen 

fi/iica ^ak Sta; 

Houston, TX 
Art History 

studio Dance Theater (1,2,3,4), Anime Club Secretary 

and Co-Founder (2,3,4), Pestle Board (4), Daughters 

of Gaia (1), Black Cat Field Day Chair (4), Phi Sigma 

Tau (3,4) 
"Life is a bite" Heard in Italy 

Vance, AL 
English Literature 

Varsity Volleyball (1,2,4), 

Colonnade Club (1,2,4), 

Environmental Resident (1,2) Writer's Festival Committee (1,2,4) ISEP 

Ambassador (4), SEC (1, 2) 

"ROLL TIDE!" Alabama Football 

essica S^ynn Stone 

Grand Rapids, MI 

Resident Assistant (4), Agnes Scott Libertarians (4) 

"Real firmness is good for anything; strut is good 

for nothing." Alexander Hamilton 





Alpharetta, GA 
English Literature 

Writing Center Tutor (2,3), 

Summer 2008 Study Abroad in 

Oviedo, Spain 

The past cannot be 

changed, the future is 

still in your power." 

Hugh White 



I i 

Greensboro, NC 

English Literature and Women's Studies 

Show Time (1), Black Cat Decorations Chair (1), Best Buddies (1,2- PR ' 

Representative,3,4-Secretary), Campus Girl Scouts (2- Secretary), LBTQIA Collective 
(2,3,4- Secretary), Pestle Board (4). 

"Follow the right course it's gonna take you back again future is rosy, 
blushing the past is pale your heart is a boat set sail" Deb Talan 


agmine 2. ^TG/i/ty 

Stone Mountain, GA 
Religion&Social Justice 

Economic Empowerment Initiative (1&2&3&4- Campus 

Coordinator), Speaking Center Tutor (2,3,4), STRONG 

Sistas (1&2&3&4- Student Coordinator and Mentor), 

Joyful Noise Gospel Choir (1,2,3,4) 

"Even youths grow tired and weary, and 

young men stumble and fall; but those who 

wait on the LORD shall renew their strength. 

rhey will soar on wings like eagles; they will 

run and not grow weary, they will walk and 

not be faint." Isaiah 40:30-31 

Snfegdi ^kom 

(jUicde^fe ^Timmmg 


Psychology and Africana Studies 

Judicial Board (3,4-Representative), 

African West Indian Student Association (1,2,3- 


"If you can walk you can dance and if 

you can talk you can sing." Old 

Zimbabwean proverb 

Tucker, GA 
German Studies 

Baptist Collegiate Ministry 

(1,2,3,4), Faust Club (1,2,3- 



"I will say of the Lord, 

'He is my refuge and my 

fortress, my God, in 

whom I trust.'" Psalm 

91:2 NIV 


Austin, TX 

Ristoiy and International Relations 

-ST-is Scott College Republicans (1,2-Secretary,3,4-Executive Director ), Student Calling Program (1,2&3&4-Student Manager ), Georgia Association 
of College Republicans (1,2,3,4-Financial Secretary), Colonnade Club (2), ASC 101 Group Leader (2), Committee on Academic Standards and Advising 
Studenl •'rpreientative (2), Scottie Sister (3), Legal Assistant (3,4), Model United Nations (4), Pestle Board (4), Black Cat Gift Campaign Senior Class 
Service Co-Chair (4), Senior Gift Campaign Co-Chair (4), Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Intern (4) 
"Bright young women sick of swimmin', I'm ready to stand." Ariel TIte Little Mermaid 


Atlanta, GA 

Astrophysics, Dual Degree in Aerospace Engineering 

Society of Physics Students (3&4- President), Mortar Board (4), Astronomy Club 
(1,2,3), Astronomy Lab Assistant (2,3,4), Lifeguard (2) 
The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to 
experience." Frank Herbert 

^aktia Qhlm ^gbabe 

Jos, Nigeria 



'Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point.. .the heart 

has its reasons which reason does not know" Blaise Pascal 

Sfau/ia \)m ^mii^m 

Roanoke, VA 

Economics and Organizational Management 

Class of 2009 Co-President (2,3,4), Orientation Council (1,2,3- President), Tower 
Council (2,3,4), Board of Trustees Student Member (2); Study Abroad- Brussels, 
Belgium (3) 

"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without 
passion." Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 

West Palm Beach, PL 
History and Political 

ASC Young Democrats (1,2,3- 
Exec Board,4- President), ASC 
101 Leader (3) 

"Peace is a journey of a 
thousand miles and it 
must be taken one step at 
a time." President 
Lyndon B. Johnson 


Floyd, VA 
Mathematics I 

Math Learning j 

Assistant (2,3,4), 

Infinity Club (2,3- 

Secretary,4- Vice 

President), Social 

Council (1,2), Cross 


"Do not delay; 

the golden 

moments fly." 



Beaufort, SC 


NewLife Student Leader (2,3,4), Fellowship of Christian Students (1,2), Psi Chi (3&4- President), Mortar 
Board (4- Treasurer), Studio Dance Theatre (2), Office of Career Planning- Event Planner (4), Special 
Events Intern (3,4), Environmental Resident (2,3), Psychobabble (3) 

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." 
Psalm 37:4, A Psalm of David 

Knoxville, TN 

Blackfriars (1, 2- Secretary, 3- Vice-President, 4- 

President), French Club (1, 2- President), FYI Leader 

(2), SOS (2), Orientation Council (3- Family Life 

Coordinator), S.A.F.E. Women (1, 2), Class of 2009 

Black Cat Song and Dance Chair (2), Class of 2009 

Junior Production Co-Chair (3), Pestle Board (4) 

"Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of 

the time we need wages." Terry Pratchett 

©fti/ia Mam QAidite 

Tampa, Fl 

Studio Art and Sociology and 


Dana Design (2, 3, 4), Camera Obscura (1&2&3- Co- 
president, 4), Aurora (1, 2- Junior Editor, 3- Layout 
Editor), Resident Assistant (2), Profile (2- 
photographer). Writing Center Tutor (3), Collage Art 
Colloquium (3, 4) 

"A little bad taste is like a nice dash of 
paprika." Dorothy Parker 

Georgetown, KY 


Class of 2001 
This class was 
most likely 
either a 
Business and 
major or a 
major. The 
class was much 
like the Class of 2009. They were 
spirited and not afraid to show it. The 
class dominated the Black Cat 
festivities and the college was a hub of 
activity. Alston was opened and the 
Library renovation was completed. 
Agnes Scott had plans for the future 
lined up but they recognized the 
importance of traditions and the rich 
history of Agnes Scott. 

fifegabetd Candkk QAiifeon 

Augusta, GA 

American Chemical Society (2,3,4- Co-President), 
Blackfriars (1,2,3,4) 

"The best scientist is open to experience 
and begins with romance- the idea that 
anything is possible." Ray Bradbury 

Houston, TX 

Joyful Noise (1,2,3,4), Colonnade Club (1), Special 

Events Corp (1,2) 

"A few years' experience will convince us 

that those things which at the time they 

happened we regarded as our greatest 

misfortunes have proved our greatest 

blessings." George Mason 

8&2a ^oyc6 QAJofig 

Atlai\ta, GA 

English Literature and 


(Art History) 

The Profile (1, 3 &4- Sports Editor), Aurora 

(1, 3, 4- Treasurer), Honor Court 

Representative (3, 4) 

Bad Kissingen, Germany 
Music and English Literature 

Sigma Alpha Iota (1,2,3&4- President), Mortar Board 

(4- Historian), FYI/ASC 101 Leader(2,3,4), Scottie 

Sisters (2,3,4), NewLife (1,2&3&4- D-group leader). 

Silhouette (1,2- Assistant Editor,3,4- Assistant Editor), 

ASCCO (1,2,3,4), Collegiate Chorale (2,3,4), 

Progressive Christian Fellowship (4) 

"I have heard some beautiful notes in my 

life, she said, but they were nothing 

without the rest of the music, too." 


Alpharetta, GA 

English Literature 

(Women's Studies and 


Sigma Alpha Iota (1,2&:3- Secretary,4- Vice 

President of Ritual), Georgia Tech Bands 

(2,3,4), ASC Community Orchestra (1,2,3), 

Chamber Winds (2,3), Mortar Board (4), 

Triota (4), Kappa Kappa Psi (3,4) 

"There is nothing either good or 
bad but thinking makes it so." 
William Shakespeare, Hamlet 


Sdannon ^mm Qja/ib/tougfi 

Atlanta, GA 

Studio Art (Spanish) 


Dana Design (2,3,4), Writing Center Tutor (2,3,4), Aurora (2- Art Editor,3- Junior Editor,4), Project for 
Peace (2- Co-Art Chair), Camera Obscura (2,3- PR Chair), Tlie Profile (3- Photographer), Silhouette (2), BestI 
Buddies (2), Economic Empowerment Initiative (1,2,3,4) 

"Through art, we recognize lifes intrinsic quality: that everything is connected." ! 
Jeanette Winterson 

Vancouver, WA 

J(diimm QJoung 

Evansville, IN 

Economics & Business and Spanish 

Atlanta, GA 

"You can't help respecting anybody who li 

can spell Tuesday, even if he doesnt spell it right; but spelling isnt everything. 
There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn't count." A.A. Milne Tlte 
House at Pooh Corner 

Honolulu, HI 

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new 
landscapes but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust 

Atlanta, GA 

' i ;[ ;'2i;her look stupid than be stupid" Anonymous 







Ashley Foiirnier Carin Godemann Andrea Goodman Chelsea Guenther 


Chuya Guo 

Jeanelle Hildielli 

RachacI Junkins 

Katherine Rodgers 

Kalherine Rogers 

Savannah Shaip 







Margaret Vellani Esther Wallace 

Qian Zhang 

Lauren Whitton Melanie Yakemovic 










Lc-lic Bui-henn 

Natasha Bvrd 

Bethany Coulter Stephanie Cureton 

Morgan Daniel 

Lintonia Davis 

Caitlin Hcnine 

l.ucia HulsL-lhcr 

Tiicia Jacks.iii 

jenny Jacobs 

Andrea .laramllln 

Katie Kinsey Anna Kjerrunigaard 

Mary Laird 

Rennie Laryea 








Gelila Lulseged Taran Lundgren Barbara Lynch Zamachiza Mahlobo 

Xun Qiu 

Laura Reynolds 

Chanse Richards 



TerriLka White 

April Whitley 





Alexandria Farrell Viergeline Felix Melissa Garwick Charla Gruher 




Siobhan Keeve Jordan Kennedy Lauren Kenney 







Elena Ourmpani Chelsea Perdue 

Syreeta Pritchett {, 


iathleen Thompson Emily Thrower Jasmine Tillman Anastasia Tsavaris Amber Turner 




Tezin Waiji 




Sociology & Anthropolog y 

Brenda Hoke, Yvonne Newsome, 
Martha Rees, Doug Falen 

Biolog y 

Harry Wistrand, Srebrenica Robic, 
John Pilger, Karen Thompson, 
Lock Rogers, Timothy Finco 


Katherine Smith, Anne Beidler, 

Nell Ruby, Donna Sadler, 

Alexandra Tunstall, Lynn Marshall 



Front: Dawn-Marie James, Qiao Solomon, 

Elise Eskew Sparks 

Back: Juan Chattah, David D'Ambrosio, 

Cal Johnson, Trace/ Laird 

Political Science 
Front: Eleanor Morris, Catherine Scott, |' 
Back: Juan Allende,Gus Cochran 


Jim Abbot, Sally MacEwen, Megan Drinkwater 




Rosemary Cunningham, Thomas Will, 

Li Qi, Pafricia Schneider, 

Madeline Zavodny 


Toby Emert, Marquita Jackson-Minot, 

Leslie Coia 


Quinn Perkins, Lilia Harvey, 

Leon Venable, Douglas Fantz, 

Sarah Winget, Frances Bruggeman, 

Ruth Riter 


.=,0 — »5 


Mathematics \ 

Front: Jim Wiseman, Myrtle Lewin, Liz Hartnett^ 
Back: Alan Koch, Larry Riddle 

French and German 

Julia Knowlton, Barbara Drescher, 

Philip Ojo, Julia House, Gundolf GramI, 

Tim Jansa, Monika Brenneis 

En glish 

Willie Tolliver, Amber Dermont, 
Charlotte Artese, Christine Cozzens, 
Peggy Thompson, Steven Guthrie 


Gisela Noraf, Michael Schlig, 

Rafael Ocasio 

Religious Studies 

Dennis McCann and Tina Pippin 

with students 


David Behan, Beth Hackett, 

Hal Thorsrud, Eric Rovie 



Theatre and Dance 
Front: Bridget Roosa, Sara Thompson 
Back: David Lawrence, Dudley Sanders, 
David Thompson 

Women's Studies 

Isa Williams, Louisa Hill (student). 

Donna Sadler, Elizabeth Hackett, 

Mary Cain, Meg Beyer (student) 




Laura Ray, Sheri Glowers, 

Svetlana Sinanovic, Leslie Mathews 

Marianne Bradley, 

Resa Harney, Elizabeth Bagley 



Row 1 : Kenna Smith, Kirby Johnson '06, Kelly Williams '03, 
Teresa Plum 

Row 2: Maura Mullaney, Dorothy Love, Lee Davis, Martha llle 
Row 3: Donna Ashley, Katherine Mollis, Jennifer Wells 
Row 4: Susan Constantine, Bridget Yang, Dan West 

Marisela Martinez - Director of Interculturol Affairs 

Erin Howie - Director of Student Leadership and 


Kristy Smith - Director of Student Activities 

Wynette Smith, Sherri Greenwood, 
Karen Gilbert, Brandi Warren 

Science Suf)f30/tf: Qia^l 

Rachel Garner, Ginny K. Vachon, Kat Hall, 
Alix Valcin, Frances Bruggeman, Quinn Perkins 

Science Gente/i ^ok QAiomen 

Nancy Devino, Emily S. Kandetzki 

Ca/iee/i ^Hammq 

Front: Catherine F. Neiner, David Williams 
Back: Gail Bell, Misty Dumas-Patterson 


Brenda Plishka, Shawn Bowers, 

Nicolle Williams, Amanda Brown, 

Joeleen Akin, Tony Ciccone 


Sitting: Janann Giles, Lee Dancy, 

Marilyn Hammond 

Standing: Kerry B. Meyers, Lisa 

Ashmore, Demetrice Williams, 

Jennifer Owen 

(Academic c^cd/ising 

Assistant Dean Jennifer Cannady, 

Cynthia McPheeters, 

Machamma Quinichett 

&nkkmilom(l Qdacailon 

Liliane Spenle, Clementine Hakizimana, 
Jennifer Lund 

uA^umnae ^efotions 

Kim Vickers '87, Naylene Felt, 
Julia Stover '03 


Front: Tami Stanko, Carolyn Mclcom, 
Abdur Razzak, Tamoro Roundy, 
Tomaro Carter, Pamela Woods, 

Dolores Shelton 

Back: Emily Gwynn, Duke Miller, 

Henry Eyer, Chris Cannon, 

Calvin Burgamy, Frank Manganaro 

Associate Dean James Diedrick, 

Bess Grasswick, Dean of the College 

Rosemary Zumwait, Amy Whitworth, 

Mary McAbee 

Front: Holly Byrd, Abby Myers, 

Beth Krakow, Carole Holcomb 

Back: Barbara Washington, 

Claire Fuller, Courtney Chambliss, 

Lacondria Simmons, Sarah Kiwanuka 

jUoite's &tail 

Valarie Washington, 
Maverick Williams, Eulette Polly, 
Genine Smith 

lice Se/ii/ices 

Valerie Holmes 







9^inanciaf c^td 

Front: Christa Watson, 
Lauren Cobb 
Back: Patrick Bonones, 
Itohowo Ekanemesang '07 

^eafi of Studentg Sta 

Associate Dean 

Kijua Sanders-McMurtry 

Director of Residence Life 

Joy Griggs 

ice 0^ tde ^/ie8to(6nt 

business and finance 

Carolyn Council, Robert Goskins, John Hegmon 


Angela Dewberry, Tanzania Nevels, 
Nancy Albert 

missions I 

Front: Kay Connelly, Alexa Gaeta '98, 
LeeAnn Afton, Janixia Reyes '08, 
Back: Alvanita Negron '96, 
Stephanie Malak, Susan Clarke '68, 
Erin Powell, Aimee Kahn-Foss '08, 
Nancy Peterson, Betsy Davis, 
Katie Mattii 

Rebecca Boyd, Marvin McCrary, Stanley Arnold, 
Ronald Keeton, Ricky Duron, Delissio Bostic, 
Delia Spurley, Mario Ramos, Aroceli Santona, 
JoAnn Thornton, Mekdes Tiruneh, 
Altheo Fitzgerald, Edward Woods, 
Rebecca Boyd, Halbert Word, Lou Ghee, 
Elvis Porris, Gerald Kloth, Rundy Sv/anson, 
Mel Ramsey, Willie Stanford, Johnny Walker, 
Robert Bell, John Mobley, Girma Woldegebriel, 
Pheobeo T. Lovings 

Associate Dean of Students Michelle Hall, 
Thomaysa Stinson-Caldeira, 
Dean of Students Donna Lee 

£i;an8 ^imq Wa^f Qia^l 

Top photo: Robert Gay, 

Johnnie Mae Crane, Pete Miller, 

Shoyvenia Billingsley, Marion Speer, 

Marc McDaniel, Melinda Williams, 

Mary Bolden, Vionio Robinson, 

Jeffrey Burton 

Bottom photo: Mike Waters, 

Kelley Grant, Melinda Williams, 

Mario Johnson, Brad Mothuro, 

Hassan Gomez, Kimberly Nolley 

9^ma£ QAJo/ids, eTdanb, md Qoodbyes 

I want to start by saying thank you to Agnes Scott College, the institution. It has taught me more 
about myself than I could have ever hoped to learn and when I look up at the bell tower of Main I 
think about all of the good, bad, and even ugly times I have had at Agnes Scott. But, I also remember i 
that Agnes will always be there for me when I need it and I can always call it home. I love this place, * 
it is in my blood, and I will never forget it. That black, onyx ring we all wear will not let me forget it. ' 
I was fortunate to be able to follow Dean Hudson's advice during Orientation and get involved like 
many of you in the Class of 2009. I will always treasure the time I spent as a Residence Assistant, the | 
Secretary of our class, and as a member of the Colonnade Club but, the Silhouette holds a special 
place in my heart. So, now to the book and the cause of my writing. Before the fall of 2007 I had * 

never been the Editor-in-Chief of anything, I barely edited my papers before turning them in. As I 
write now I am thinking about how many picas the text should be from the center of the book and re- j 
reading every word as I type. When I became the editor my junior year, I was terrified. I was • 

involved in so many things that it seemed most days that nothing would get done on time or turned "* 
in ever. I quickly learned that working on the yearbook was a labor of love and that I would have to | 
do what I could to present that to the campus community. I have never felt like I succeed in my task | 
but, I have been told time and time again that the 2008 Silhouette was a success. I owe that success to 
several people and to those people I am both grateful and in their debt. For both the 2008 and 2009 ] 
Silhouette I must thank eternally Whitney Brown '07. Without her guidance and care I am sure that 
more than once I would have thrown in the towel and said "forget it, I hate the book, I no longer care j 
if it gets done." She was always at the other end of my telephone telling me that none of those things 
were true and that I just needed to take a break, "maybe you should think about some sleep." , 

Whitney, I am forever grateful and blessed to be able to call you my friend and be able to blame my ■* 
yearbook worries and problems on you, since you were the one who said that I would be a great ' 

Editor. Your friendship means the world to me and I hope that you know I never could have made i 
these two yearbooks without you. You taught me everything I needed to know about making a I 

yearbook. For the 2008 book I am also in debt to Shannon McKnight '08 whose constant work on the t 
book kept me sane. Your layouts were impeccable and you always had a smile to brighten the office. | 
I wish you the best in all you do. Pauline, I owe you a big one too. Neither book would have been 
completed without your hard work and willingness to listen to me complain at all hours of the night. 
Thank you for your friendship over our years here and I hope to stay close for many more. I want to ! 
also thank my staff from both years as they were a huge help to me and kept me going because we 
know that one person can not make the book by themselves. I want to thank Nicoline Strom-Jensen 
'06 as a past Editor and friend, you have been willing to listen to me complain about the book to no i. 
end and for that I thank you. I want to be sure and thank my parents who have always been in my 
comer and never let me think that I could not succeed. I have to thank Erin Howie the adviser not | 
only to the Silhouette but to my future. The number of hours that I have spent in your office should 
be billed to Agnes as therapy sessions. You always had the time to stop and listen to my crazy 3 

ranting, thank you. A big thank you goes out to the Class of 2009, 1 love and adore too many of you ^ 
to try and make a list but please know that I will not forget you any time soon. I want to also thank % 
Kristy Smith, Dean Hall, Kirby Hager Johnson 06, Eunice Li Chay '08, Mia Jacintho '10, Annie Kim { 
'06, President Kiss, The Office of Alumnae Relations, Betty Derrick 68, Dean Hudson 68, Dean Lee, | 
"^ ^nckson- Minot, and Dr. Coia. The list of people to thank could go on for days but I will have to i 
nk you face to face. I just want everyone at Agnes Scott to know "You're the Best!" I refuse to | 
suy bye to this place and its people so, until we meet again. I hope that my work on the 2009 1 

Silho. vill measure up to the 104 volumes that come before it. With that I give you the 105th i 

Volumt the 2009 Silhouette. 1 

Your Friend, M 

142 Sarah Kalaris '09 S 


Sarah Kalaris- Editor-in-Chief 

Tara Brinkman- Assistant Editor 
Pauline Worusski- Assistant Editor 

Danielle Adamson 
Brittani Banks 
Jessica Dupree 
Stacy- Ann Love 
Caitlin Walker 


The Agnes Scott College 
Silhouette Volume 105, was 
published by the printing 
division of Jostens, Clarksville, 
TN, 1312 Highway 48, 
Clarksville, TN. The books were 
produced using Jostens 
YearTech Online. There were 
700 copies printed with 160 

Fonts used were: Body and 
Captions: Function, Times, 
Palatino and Helvetica. 
Headlines: Melville, Function 
and Helvetica. 

The cover art was conceptualized 
by the staff members and 
designed by plant artist David 
Shelton. The cover is a custom 
litho with UV coating and matte 
lamination. The grain is Mission 
and cut out around the graphics. 
The book has an 8.5 x 11 trim 
size. The endsheets are light 

The staff would like to give a big 
thank you to Sandra McCarthy 
and her team, without their hard 
work and support this years 
book would not be the success 
that it is. We would also like to 
thank Erin Howie, our advisor, 
for her tireless support. Lastly, 
thank you to everyone who will 
read and enjoy this book and 
those who sent in pictures. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2009 

Remember to keep in touch 
and make new connections with 


Agnes Scott's Online 

Alumnae Directory and Career Network 

Nadia Mitchell 


We are so proud of you. 
Your amazing presence 
makes the world a 
brighter, happier, and 
more loving place to be. 
We Love you. 
Mom, Dad, and Kiani 

Keike Tdmn 



"These are the days 

that will last forever. 

You've got to hold them in your heart..." 

We love you & are so 

proud of you, Kells! 

Love, ~ Mom, 

Dad and Kirsten 



^^BSP''* *'^|^»^'' \L 



Stephanie Hansard 


We are so proud of you 
and thankful for you! You 
are such a blessing. You 
have brightened our lives 
since your first moment on 
earth. You are an amazing 
woman who has our respect, 
support, prayers and love 
always. Continue to let 
Christ's love illuminate and 
guide you, and you will 
remain a shining light to 
lead others. 

"I can do all things through 
Christ who strengthens me." 


Mom and Dad 








Sarah Kalaris 

Congratulations Sarah. 
Watching you blossom into 
an accomplished young 
woman has been a source of 
pride and joy. Not only for 
your Mom and Dad but for 
your grandparents as well. 
Grandma Cathy who gave 
you her wit and steadfast 
nature, Grandpa Jim who 
endowed you with his 
philotimo. Yiayia Elaine who 
gave you her agape of faith. 
They are your roots and your 
greatest rooters. Sarah we 
all love you and are proud of 
you! You're the best! 

Adrfenne Beryl D'Agostino 

Your love of turtles and other things marine started 

early, as did your love of science and adventure. 

Mom and Dad are very proud of you and love you 

very miuch. Congratulations! 

Ada Trawick 

Rj*^'. -r^a 


Words cannot 

express how proud 

we are of you. 

Shine on, 
Mom & Dad 

Jean Panek 


We are proud of you and 

all your accomplishments. 

Stay true to yourself and to 

your God. 


Dad, Mom, Cassandra, 

Alicia and Danielle 

Jesse VanVoorhees Taft 

Jakevia Brown 

Dear Muffin, 

to whom much is 

given much is 

Be responsible 



Doche and 

Shannon Yarbrough 

Dear Shannon, 

We are so proud of you. You will do great 

things in your life. We love you. 

Love, Mom, Nana, Papa, Jana and Lauren 

Arielle Newgard 

Dear Arielle, 

Gotta love that smile. 

You are smart, 

talented, and you 

have a wonderful 

journey ahead! 

We are proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, & David 




Tara Brinkman 

Your passion for life 
and learning continues 
to enable you to 
achieve your dreams. 
We love you and are 
proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 

Rachel Elise Wacks 

Dear Rachel, 

Congratulations! It seenns 

like just yesterday we 

brought you home, at 3 

days old. Even at that time 

you made all the rules. You 

dictated your own schedule 

and were not interested in 

what we thought. All we 

can say is this has worked 

for you. We are so very 

proud of all you have done 

and achieved. May all of 

your dreams come true. 

We love you so much. 

Mom, Dad, Dan, Jessica, 

Howie and Max. 






Camiley Jacqueline Constantine 

To simpler bygone times . . 

To times ahead . . 

To tine road less traveled by, and what it holds 

Never taking the easy way . . 

Yet discerning the path that is true to you . . 

And always, always excelling 

The gleam and sparkle in your parents' eye . . 
The pure joy in your grandmother's heart . . 
A treasured beloved sister on whom your sibs 


Your son's rising and setting sun, his entire 
miraculous universe 

To our darling precious daughter . . 
You rock our world. Is the rest of the world 
ready to get rocked? 

AAeagan Patricia Whitney 


When my legs weaken, and no longer support 

my weight. 
Or my eyes fail me and I cannot see what's in 
front of me. 
And these hands tremble and my feet become 
incapable of motion- 
There will be you. 

You give yourself so willingly to me. 
My limitations are easily overcome 
Because two are better than one. 


Oh sister. You found me in the grass 

Ard took my hand to lead me around 

another world, the child's imaginings. 

You were my co-conspirator 

h campaigns to take down the other 


From Our thrones in a sun-speckled forest 


Mow you are my alibi, my partner. 

And where you go I shall always follow. 

And when you need my legs. eyes. arms. ears. 

or heart 

They will be yours. 

Because you were my first star to wish upon. 
The first person worth sharing a day with. 
The dearest of my friends. 


^^G^'- -^^ 

^ • 


Lauren Potter 





i '■-'-—' ^^^ 

•«.-.._. „ 



^^HL^i ! jM 1 

[ -^'^^S 

Hi Sport! 
Enough from me; here are what a few others have said; 

Albert Schweitzer: There are two means of refuge from 

the miseries of life; music and cats. 

Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC): History is the witness that 

testifies to the passing of time; it illuminates reality, 

vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and 

brings us tidings of antiquity. 

Edward Steichen; Photography is a major force in 

explaining man to man. 

Love, Dad 

Molly Kempson 

Molly, your hard work, courage, strength, and 

determination has taken you this far and 

you've done it EXCEPTIONALLY well! 

We have no doubt that your dreams will come 

true for you if you continue to stay true to 


We will always love and support you Boo. 

Mom and Dad 

Dana Ciccotello 


\{ Yre Jp prdud &^ijm mdaiiijeu Ve accmnpMed. 

Vmi have a mij iiri§hf future ahead d^pii. 

[if pur dremni lead ijmi. 

Wdh Ldve and BhUn^i 

Mmn, Dad, Dana and Kd'di 




Sarah Mecholsky 

From the very beginning, we knew you were special. Your family supports you 
and loves you as you enter another exciting phase of your life. We are so proud 

of you. 
Go Sarah Mecholsky! 




To the most 



^T I 




^^^^^^^*. 1 




Exuberant and 




parents could wish for 














^^^K^^^* ^ ^ 

Shannon Reisnei 

Shannon Reisner 
God is holding your life within his 
hands-a precious stone, polishing it 
with experience, challenges, choices 
and changes into a most unique 

We are so proud of your character 
and accomplishments. 


You are loved and treasured. 

Mom, Julia and Eric 

Nana & Papa 


Love always, Mom, Dad, Slaton and Brett 


We are so proud of you. Your enthusiasm lifts 
everyone's spirits. Your dreams are boundless, and 
your hard work will create a world of opportunities. We 
are so glad to have been part of your growing up, and 
we look forward to watching your success and 
happiness in all that you do! 

Isaiah 40:8 

Beth Braunstein 

Dear Beth, 

Many daughters have amassed 

achievements but you have surpassed 

them all. 


We are very proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, Sarah, Amy 

Laura van Duursen 

The Parents Council 

The 2009 Silhouette 

Congratulates it: 

Tara Brinkman 

Pauline Worusski 

©^ce a Scottte... 


... c^^uiayg a Scottte 


and uk